Purging the nozzles on the AddressRight 100, 200, and 300

Learn how to purge the nozzles on the AddressRight 100, 200, and 300.
Products affected: AddressRight™ 100 Printer, AddressRight™ 200 Printer, AddressRight™ 300 Printer

If the printhead sits inactive for a period of time, ink may dry in the nozzles. Printing may not remove these ink plugs from the nozzles. White streaks appear in printed text or graphic. To improve print quality, these ink plugs need to be forced out or purged. A purge print routine is built into the printer to clear the nozzles.

To purge the nozzles:

  1. Wipe the printhead with a wet cloth.
  2. With media loaded in the feeder, press the Quick Menu button on the Control Panel, then tap Purge Print.
  3. Tap Print to activate the purge. Purge prints an ink pattern at 600 DPI to clear all of the nozzles in all of the ink cartridges. Repeat if necessary.
  4. Wipe the printhead again with a moist cloth.

UPDATED: 20 January 2023

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