Connecting the AddressRight 100, 200, and 300

Learn how to connect the AddressRight 100, 200, and 300 printer.
Products affected: AddressRight™ 100 Printer, AddressRight™ 200 Printer, AddressRight™ 300 Printer

Plugging in the printer

  1. Make sure that the printer’s main power switch is turned off.
  2. Check that the printer is set for the power to be used (115V or 220V) [A].
    Connect Printer_211x279
  3. Connect one end of the power cord to the rear receptacle on the printer.
  4. Plug the other end into a 115-220 Volt AC (depending on printer voltage), 50/60 Hz. grounded outlet.



  • Do not use adapter plugs or extension cords to connect printer to wall outlet.
  • Do not use with outlets controlled by wall switches.
  • Do not use with outlets that share the same circuit with large electrical machines or appliances.


Connecting to a computer or network

Connect Printer_1_266x268

USB 3.1 Port: Plug USB cable into connector [1]. The cable used to connect the printer to the computer must not exceed 6 feet long.

Ethernet (Network) Port: Plug network cable into connector [2].

Wi-Fi Port: Connect the Wi-Fi antenna (included) to this port [3] for wireless printer monitoring or operation through your network.

UPDATED: 20 January 2023

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