Deleting an account on the Connect+ Series, SendPro P

Learning how to delete an account on the Connect+ Series, SendPro P
Products affected: Connect+® 500W, Connect+® 1000, Connect+® 2000, Connect+® 3000, SendPro® P1000, SendPro® P1500, SendPro® P2000, SendPro® P3000

When you delete an account, sub account or sub sub account, you remove its data completely. That data is then unrecoverable. Make sure you do not need the accounts data before you delete the account. Once you delete an account, the data cannot be retrieved.

If you have already charged transactions to an existing account you cannot delete the account. If you want to prevent users from charging transactions against this account, you can set the account status to inactive. Refer to Changing the Account Status to Inactive for more information.

Note: If users are enabled on your system, this feature is only available to users with supervisor access rights.

  1. You can delete an account in two ways: 
    • by selecting the Manage Accounts button in the Mailing tile on the Home screen, or
    • by selecting Account on the Run Mail screen, selecting Options and then Delete selected account.

  2. Select Delete account.
  3. Select the account, sub account or sub sub account you want to delete, and select OK.
  4. A dialog box appears indicating the account(s) will be deleted.
    • If there are lower level sub accounts or sub sub accounts related to your selection, Select Yes, delete accounts to delete all account levels.
    • If this is a single level account, or the lowest account level, select Yes, delete account.
  5. A dialog box appears indicating the account has been deleted. Select OK.
  6. Select Cancel to return to the main Manage Accounts screen.
  7. Select Continue to return to the Home screen.

UPDATED: 20 January 2023

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