“Waste Tank Full” or “Waste Tank Near Full” message on the DM100

When your meter displays "Waste Tank Full" or "Waste Tank Near Full" messages, follow these steps to resolve the issue.
Products affected: DM100™

Your meter displays "Waste Tank Near Full" or "Waste Tank Full" and may not print.

Excess ink from purges and heavy use eventually fills the ink waste tank in the meter.

  • When the ink reservoir nears capacity, your meter displays the message "Waste Tank Near Full."
  • When the ink reservoir reaches full capacity, your meter displays the message "Waste Tank Full."

"Waste Tank Full", "Waste Tank Near Full", or similar messages indicate that your ink system has reached capacity and the ink waste pad needs to be replaced. The machine does not operate until you replace the ink waste pad and clear the message.

You must replace the ink waste pad before attempting to clear this message.

Important: Ink can stain skin or permanently damage clothing. Gloves are included in the kit for your convenience.

Step 1: Order a new waste ink pad

Call 132363 to order a new waste ink pad.

Step 2: Watch the video

Step 3: Install the new waste ink pad

Follow the instructions to install the new waste ink pad:

  1. Remove the new ink waste pad and plastic holder from the envelope and set them aside.
  2. On the side of the meter, squeeze the handles of the ink waste pad tray and slide the tray out of the machine.
  3. Carefully lift out the plastic waste pad holder using gloves or a paper towel, and place it into the envelope that the new waste pad came in.
  4. Insert the new plastic waste pad holder and waste pad into the ink tray, and reinsert the tray back into the machine.

Step 4: Clear the message

After replacing the waste pad, follow these steps to clear the message:

  1. From the Home screen, select Options.
  2. Press Page Down twice.
  3. Select Advanced Features.
  4. Select Maintenance Mode.
  5. Select Printer Maintenance.
  6. Press Page Down once.
  7. Select Reset Waste Tank.
  8. If the machine asks for a code to proceed, enter 9287.
  9. Select Press to restart.

UPDATED: 13 February 2023

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