Adding a user in Pitney Bowes Smart Access Management

You can add users to the system as needed.
Products Affected: Smart Access Management®

You can add users to the system as needed. There are two types of user:

  • Admin
  • User

An Admin has full permission to all features and functions.

A User has limited access which an Admin can define.

The maximum amount of users you can add is fifty.

Before adding a user, decide which role your user is going to have.

  1. Select Settings > Users.
  2. If required, you can use the Divisions and Locations menus to filter the user list.
  3. To filter the list, select the All Users menu.
    Filter users menu
  4. Select +Add User.
  5. Enter the user's name and email address.
  6. Select the Active radio button.
  7. Leave the Enterprise radio button populated.
  8. Select either ADMIN or USER in the Assign Roles menu.
  9. Select Save and Close.
    The user will receive a welcome email message.

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UPDATED: 18 August 2023

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