Mailstream On Demand

We finish your mail, so you don't have to.

Mailstream On Demand provides high quality physical mail production when you need it, using a combined digital and physical strategy that helps you adapt to your customers’ channel preferences.  

Mailstream On Demand

Producing documents using traditional printers software and other mailing hardware may no longer be the only strategy for your business. Mailstream On Demand is a cost-effective solution designed to meet your ever-changing business needs by simplifying your physical and digital document creation and delivery processes. Whether you want to outsource all or just some of your communications during peak periods Mailstream On Demand is your solution.

  • Increase output without worry - scalable to meet your future needs
  • Stay in control with the convenience of a web-based Communications Dashboard Reporting Tool
  • Gain instant insight to your document production and delivery

Mailstream On Demand is a unique service that moves your transactional communications from the desktop to your customers quickly and securely. You securely submit your documents’ print stream or data file from your existing host software to the Mailstream On Demand online service. Then our service creates customer documents and delivers them by mail or digital channels — all without you having to leave your desk. 

Making the most of every communication

97% of all transactional mail is opened the day it’s received. Make the most of that mail moment. Mailstream On Demand helps ensure every time your customers open your mail piece it’s relevant easy-to-understand and most importantly it’s the right document.

  • Make use of existing white space for personalized messaging and cross-selling opportunities
  • Delivery message digitally for an interactive online experience.

Mastering Channels in a Multichannel World.

Manage your customer’s expectations by delivering their communications how they want where they want it. Whether you leverage electronic communications now or plan to in the future Mailstream On Demand makes it easy to migrate to digital communication channels. Going digital doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult.

  • Improve customer service by sending electronic documents using same layout as physical communications
  • Unlock new digital consumer channels for the ultimate interactive customer experience.

Other Features

  • Enhance customer engagement across channels
  • Reduce costs and increase output
  • Peace of mind knowing communications are produced on time and accurately
  • Accelerate your communication production and delivery
  • Get paid faster with Lockbox and ePay Service

Pitney Bowes Mailstream On Demand’s comprehensive suite of production delivery and payment options expand take your communications to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Print & Mail Service: includes full-color document redesign service to enhance documents with color and personalized messaging for improved customer service and engagement
  • eStatement Service: provides interactive visually compelling bills and statements sent right to your customers’ inboxes.
  • Archive Service: Gives your clients easy access to historical electronic versions of to quickly resolve billing related questions.
  • ePay Service: Automate payment processing while giving customers more options to pay their bills faster.
  • Return Mail Service: eliminates the hassle of return mail handling by routing all undeliverable mail to MOD™ processing facility
  • Lock Box Service: Expedites consumer receivables cash flow by accelerating the processing depositing and posting of consumer payments received through the mail