Online Billing and Payment FAQs

UPDATED: February 24, 2017

Find answers to common questions about online billing with Pitney Bowes.

NOTE: Make sure your online payments are made before the due date and allow two business days for processing time.




Pay Your Bills Online

Learn how to pay your bills online. You can:




View and Print Bills

You can view a copy of each billsimply by navigating to the Invoices tab, Purchase Power® tab, or Prepaid Postage (USPS or Reserve Accounts) tab, depending on what you would like to view.

  • Invoices – select the Invoice number link to view details
  • Purchase Power – select the Account number link to view details
  • Prepaid Postage – select the Statement number link to view details

My Bills




Question a charge




Your Account Number
Your 10-digit Account number streamlines access to your account information. 

  • Create your profile using your Account number and email address - then instantly access our enhanced online experience. 
  • You may need to add an account if you do not see your invoice(s) or all products that should be associated, once you create your profile and sign in.

 TIP: Refer to your Account number, located at the TOP of your invoice, when making payments. Learn how to identify your Account numbers.




Account Overview - Summary Page  

Sign In, and on the main page select the blue button: View & Pay Bills.

view & pay bills

The Account Overview is a summary of your total balances under three account categories:

  • Invoices (lease, rental, supply)
  • Purchase Power®
  • Prepaid Postage (Reserve Account or USPS) 

Select the View & Pay buttons for more information about your invoices or statements. How do I... provides helpful links to common billing tasks.

Account Overview Summary

Select a tab for more tools and information:

  1. My Bills – see your open invoices, print an invoice, and schedule payment
  2. Bills History – access past invoices or statements
  3. Payment – view your payment history, and set up automatic payments
  4. Settings – add or change credit card or bank account information in your Pay Wallet. You can also modify your email notifications, and preferred method for bill delivery - choose paper or paperless bills.




Lease Invoice Changes


  • Lease invoices no longer reflect a previous balance of unpaid charges from prior invoices. Invoices will only reflect charges for the billing period referenced on the current invoice.
  • Late fees are no longer included in the lease invoice; listed as separate line items you can pay individually using online bill pay. Learn how to pay past due / late fee invoices online.




More Payment Information:

 TIP:  How do I... Your Account FAQs contains helpful articles about features and common tasks including: