Returning a Meter

UPDATED: October 15, 2016

Postage meters hold value beyond the material cost of the equipment, as they contain postage funds that belong to your company. Protect both types of assets by following these steps to safely and securely return your meter.

How to Return a Meter to Pitney Bowes:
 Make sure Pitney Bowes knows that you are returning your meter.

  • If a client service representative instructs you to return your meter for a replacement, you are covered. (Go to Step 2.] 
  • If you decide to return a meter on your own, we need to know about the return. We work closely with you to ensure a smooth transaction. 

When you contact us, we explain the logistics of your specific return, and help make sure you have all the materials you need to pack and ship the meter back to us safely.

  1. Arrange a Return
    Contact Pitney Bowes to arrange a return:  
    • Lease: 1-800-732-7222
    • Rental: 1-800-228-1071

Be sure to return your meter within 10 days of receiving your return kit to avoid billing issues.

  1. Deactivate and Return Your Meter
    Deactivate your meter by transferring all funds on the meter back to its original postage funding source(s). Use your prepaid shipping label to send your meter back. (If you are receiving a replacement meter, shipping labels are included with your replacement.)
    • Withdraw funds from your meter
    • Transfer postage funds to their original funding source when returning, replacing or upgrading a meter
    • Request a postage refund, if necessary
    • Print out an accounting report, if you use the accounting feature
    • Pack and ship your meter
    • If a shipping label was not included, sign in to your account to Create a Case
    • Drop off the meter at the nearest UPS Store, or hand it to a UPS delivery driver if they stop by. If you call UPS to schedule a special pick up for the meter, there will be a charge assessed by UPS that Pitney Bowes will not cover.

 NOTE: Deactivation must be completed before you can return a meter. View deactivation instructions to transfer your postage funds and pack your meter to return to Pitney Bowes.


Install a Replacement Meter
Once your original meter has been deactivated, you can set up your replacement meter. If you lost your replacement meter installation instructions, find the guides and videos for your meter: