Paying for Postage

UPDATED: November 25, 2016

Our postage payment options allow you to simplify your billing.

You can refill postage on your meter using Funds Available in your postage account - learn about Postage By Phone®, or PBP.

Pay for postage funds using our various options:

Funds are drawn first from any prepaid account balance. If you do not have a prepaid balance or you choose to download more postage than available in your prepaid account, the difference will come from your Purchase Power line of credit. Postage coupons or postage credits are treated as a prepaid balance.


Purchase Power® Account
Purchase Power is a Pitney Bowes line of credit that allows you to pay for the meter, postage and supplies through a single account. With Purchase Power, you can earn reward points for every dollar spent.*

Benefits of using Purchase Power:

  • No need to prepay; simply add postage to your meter. We will advance the funds to the USPS on your behalf, and send you a bill afterward.
  • Consolidate other expenses to this account such as shipping charges (UPS, FedEx), permit mail postage, mail vendor expenses, Pitney Bowes supplies, and more.
  • Receive one monthly statement with detail for each transaction; flexible payment terms to pay the full amount, minimum amount due, or something in between.
  • Learn how: Pay Your Purchase Power Statement.
  • *Earn 1 reward point for every dollar billed to the account. Rewards can be redeemed for postage, statement credits, supplies, gift cards and more.

Note: Clients having prepaid funds available in a USPS or Reserve Account, in addition to available credit in Purchase Power, will have the funds drawn from their prepaid accounts first when refilling postage.

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Reserve Account
The Reserve Account is a prepaid postage method for meters (Pitney Bowes and non-Pitney Bowes), permit postage, Presort Services, or Third Party providers. Reserve Account funds are held in an FDIC-insured account at The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc.

Benefits of using a Reserve Account:

  • Earn interest in the form of postage credits, based on the average daily balance in the account.
  • Schedule deposits electronically based on frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) or when the balance reaches a minimum threshold.
  • Overdraft protection is available, so your mailings are always covered.
  • Track and manage all postage and shipping expenses in one place with up to 18-months of history, accessible through your account.

Activating and using a Reserve Account (FDIC):

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USPS® Prepaid options
You have the option to pre-pay for postage directly to the USPS using any of the payment methods listed. When you order your meter, the USPS will send you a clear envelope with instructions and payment slips. Then follow USPS Deposit Payment Instructions.

Details about USPS Prepaid Account:

  • Check sent by regular mail will be posted to your Postage by Phone account in about 7-10 business.
  • Bank or Federal Wires sent by 1:00 PM (Eastern Time) are posted to your account the same day.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit & Debit - With ACH Debit, you establish your own maximum daily refill-amount that is available to you for your postage meter refills. This amount should include enough funds to cover your regular meter refill amount, plus any postage you might need for weekends, holidays, and unusual mailings. Complete and fax the Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit form to use this option.

  • Between 5:00 and 6:00 PM ET, the total refill amount for that day is calculated and processed as an ACH Debit to your assigned bank account.
  • Your bank account is debited the amount of the refill through the Federal Reserve the following business day by 10:00 AM EST.
  • Meter refills performed on Fridays, Saturdays or holidays are debited the next business day.
  • ACH Credit payments will be posted to your account within 2 business days.

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Pitney Bowes enables you to pay your mailing vendors for your postage costs with the EasyPermitPostage service. Enjoy the convenience of instant access to postage for your permit mailings, without having to prepay or rush to send checks to pay for postage. Combine one or more permits and all of your mailings on one monthly invoice. Manage and pay for multiple mailings through a single account that offers consolidated reporting and money-saving rewards. Call us: 1-877-526-8291. Learn more about EasyPermitPostage.



Need mailing information? Visit Pitney Bowes Payment Addresses.