SendStation™ Tablet

The smarter way to send.

Boost your productivity and enjoy larger discounts with the latest technology.

The SendStation™ Tablet lets you easily manage your shipping from your office. You can be confident your business is paying the correct postage and receiving the best discount on every parcel.

Ways SendStation can help you

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Empower users to easily process parcels

Designed with the user in mind, the full-colour touchscreen user interface makes it easy to process your parcels from anywhere in the office.

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Trackable labels from the integrated printer

Print your fully trackable label from the integrated thermal label printer and apply directly to your parcel.

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Maximise parcel discounts for bigger savings

Use the Pitney Bowes parcel discounts from CourierPost when you ship parcels using the SendStation Tablet. Smaller businesses can enjoy larger discounts.

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TrackPak or custom box options available

Select from CourierPost TrackPak or custom box options. Order your TrackPak and label supplies from Pitney Bowes. Save your commonly used box sizes in the Shipping App.


Top SendStation features

Notable SendStation features

SendStation Specifications

User display

Colour touchscreen tablet

Operating System


Electrical rating

100 - 240 VAC

Pre-loaded apps

SendStation NZ


Wi-Fi (wireless)


label printer (4x6 inches)

Optional add-on features


External USB connected scale

12 and 35 kg

SendStation Tablet-Parcel Shipping Station FAQs

What is the SendStation Tablet?

The SendStation Tablet is a parcel shipping solution, which lets you conveniently manage nationwide shipping from your office at a discounted price. It’s the smarter way to send parcels.

What’s included when I get a SendStation?

The SendStation shipping solution includes a full-colour 10.5” tablet with the Shipping Application installed and a thermal label printer, and optional weighing scales.

What is the SendStation Shipping Application?

It’s a cloud-based app that simplifies the process of parcel delivery at discounted rates.

What parcel shipping services are available?

SendStation offers the full domestic CourierPost range. Choose between TrackPaks, custom packaging and economy options across New Zealand.

Will I receive parcel discounts using SendStation?

Yes, small businesses can enjoy parcel discounts from Pitney Bowes with no monthly commitment for volumes or subscription charges.

How will I pay for the parcels that I send with SendStation?

Pitney Bowes will send a monthly parcel invoice that will include all ticket numbers that were generated and subsequently picked up for delivery by CourierPost in the previous billing period. All invoices are to be paid by Direct Debit.

Can I use my own device to access the SendStation Shipping App?

You can’t use your own device to access the SendStation Shipping App. It’s only available on the SendStation Tablet which will be preconfigured with the Pitney Bowes CourierPost account number and the customer’s Site Code. This gives SendStation customers access to discounted parcel rates.

Can I upload an address book?

Yes, you can easily upload a spreadsheet with address data to the address book in SendStation so you don’t have to manually type addresses.

Does SendStation verify the parcel address?

Yes, the SendStation Shipping App is directly linked to the live New Zealand Post verified list of delivery addresses. You can also key in your own delivery address if the address cannot be selected and you believe that CourierPost will be able to deliver to this address.

Can I print a fully trackable parcel label?

Yes, the SendStation Tablet comes with a fully integrated label printer. You can print a trackable label and attach directly to your parcel.

Can I send a parcel to a PO Box?

Yes, CourierPost offers New Zealand’s most extensive delivery network with access to more than 1.85 million delivery points including 200,000 New Zealand Post PO Boxes and Private Bags.

Can I send a parcel for Saturday delivery?

Yes, a Saturday delivery service is available. Please select this option and apply a separate Saturday delivery prepaid ticket. The Saturday delivery prepaid tickets are available for purchase from the New Zealand Post website here:

Can I send parcels to rural addresses in New Zealand?

Yes, CourierPost deliver to 175,000 rural addresses.

Can I send international parcels using the SendStation Tablet?

No. At this stage, the SendStation Tablet only offers domestic parcel shipping across New Zealand.

How do I calculate the volumetric weight for my parcel?

The SendStation Shipping App will calculate the correct price to send a parcel for you based on the parcel weight and dimensions entered.

Can I access the parcel tracking details?

Yes, the SendStation Shipping Application has an inbuilt tracking feature. It shows the latest tracking events from a live CourierPost feed. You can track the events from the first ticket scan through to delivery of the parcel. The information displayed includes date/time, activity and current location.

Can I book a pick-up?

Yes, you can either use the standard driver pick-ups in your business area or book a parcel pick-up directly through the SendStation Shipping App.

How often will I receive a parcel invoice from Pitney Bowes?

You will receive a monthly invoice for the parcels that were picked up for delivery in the previous monthly billing period.

Can I access a report of the parcel transactions and ticket numbers from my SendStation Tablet?

Yes, you can email a report from the SendStation Shipping App for a selected date range that will include all tickets created in this time period. (Note: only those tickets/parcels picked up by CourierPost will be invoiced)

What happens if I under-ticket or short-pay a parcel ticket?

If the weight or volumetric weight of a parcel is under-declared in the SendStation Shipping App and the parcel ticket created doesn’t contain the correct parcel charge, the additional charges will be added to your monthly invoice with the affected ticket number for reference.

What are VFR and RUC charges

The total price that you pay for the delivery of a parcel is made of two components: base price and the variable price encompassing the Variable Fuel Rate (VFR) and the Road User Charge (RUC). Pitney Bowes will add the Total Variable Rate to each parcel transaction in the monthly invoice. The base price displayed in the SendStation Shipping App excludes GST and the Total Variable Rate charges. Current VFR and RUC rates can be found on the NZ Post