Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions people ask us about Pitney Bowes Smart Access Management®

How much does it cost?

Every installation is different. The cost does vary according to individual customer specifications and requirements. A complete Pitney Bowes package consists of software, hardware, set up and installation. The final cost is determined by the chosen options and whether payment is by direct purchase or fixed payment plan. The easiest way to get some idea of the cost is to give us a call or drop us an email.

What does the cost of set up include?

We consult closely with you to ensure you receive a custom-made package that is ready to go.

Our installation engineers will customise the welcome kiosk and program it with the latest health and safety information and label templates. They will also upload staff details and configure software such as email and SMS notifications. Then, once on site, we will integrate the system with your network set up and AD settings. Finally, we train your managers on how to use the system to the point where the meeting, greeting, and tracking process for visitors becomes second nature.

What if a visitor doesn’t have a smart phone?

That’s fine. Although we believe most visitors will prefer the convenience of using a phone, we understand there will always be exceptions. Our cloud-based software means guests of all kinds, staff included, can sign in either by phone or using the kiosk screen.

Is personal data encrypted? How long is it kept for?

All sensitive data is fully encrypted using AWS (Amazon Web Services). How long the data is retained is entirely up to you. It can be for as little as 7 days all the way through to indefinitely, the choice is yours.  

Why do I need a label printer and barcode scanner?

Whenever a visitor is registered the kiosk prints out a label with their name, company, and host. Additionally, the kiosk can take their photo and add that to the label if required. Labels will also have your logo and a barcode. Different labels can be printed for visitors and contractors. A label has two important functions. Firstly, it clearly identifies the person as an authorised visitor, adding to security. Secondly, swiping the barcode over the kiosk screen on exit tells the system you have left the building, adding to visitor convenience and privacy. In the case of regular visitors like contractors or staff the same barcode acts as their unique identifier, making it easy for them to come and go for as long as needed.

Are there any additional costs?

There is a one-off set-up cost for each installation. This covers custom graphics, software and hardware configuration, remote installation, and training. SMS notifications - sent via an SMS gateway – will also be charged additionally by your existing mobile provider.

Do I have to buy the hardware from you?

No, we can supply our software for you to run on your own hardware – this often happens when a company has existing visitor registration hardware. It’s worth noting, however, that the Pitney Bowes full package includes support for our hardware – something we are unable to extend any hardware you may have already. Additionally with the full package our team of experts is on hand to help with projects large and small. There’s just one supplier and one point of contact, ensuring everything goes smoothly. We also offer a range of payment plans to help you spread the cost and reduce up front expense.

How does installation work?

We will work closely with you through the set-up process to the point where your system is ready to install. Depending on your chosen hardware some pre-installation work may take place prior to on-site installation. We will assign you a team of engineers from our extensive network across the UK and Ireland to get everything configured, installed and ready ahead of training which takes place remotely.

What is meant by Contactless Sign-In?

If we have sent a QR code to your phone, you simply scan it at the kiosk in reception to register your visit.

Does the solution work if there are multiple sites?

Absolutely, we first configure each site location for its own requirements then connect them to the system to allow you to manage all sites from one central location. This lets you build your own collaborative working environment with multiple site owners and members.

Can the system be used for staff as well as visitors?

Yes, the system can be used to register visitors of all types - staff, contractors, and others. The system can assign permanent barcodes to staff members who need to sign in every day.

Do you offer a demonstration of the product?

We understand that most organisations want to personalise the system in line with their own requirements. With this in mind, we can arrange for one of our specialists to give you a personalised demonstration. They will be happy to run through the software functionalities applicable to your requirements via an online screen share. 

What information can you capture from visitors when they check in?

It’s completely up to you. The system is fully customisable, allowing you to capture as much or as little visitor information as you like. Examples may include questionnaires or acknowledgment to policies and notices. 

Can I customise the kiosk’s welcome screen?

Yes, indeed. Most of our clients like to customise the screen with their company logo or a message to fit in with their brand or to deliver important information.

Can the system provide an evacuation list in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, you can focus on evacuating the building while the system relays up-to-the-minute reports to you via smartphone. Alternatively, you can quickly print out a list of every visitor in the building. The list has all the details you need including when they signed in, their contact phone number, name of their host, if they require assistance and their planned location.

How do I get SAM?

Complete the form below and we’ll call you back. Or please call us on 02045 792 428.