Analogue Update

Analogue Update | Pitney Bowes Ireland

Important Analogue Update

With improvements to our IT infrastructure, a change is required to the telephone number used by your Pitney Bowes franking meter.

DM300c, DM400c and DM450c meters only

important info IMPORTANT:

There is an important software upgrade for all Ireland DM300c, DM400c and DM450c postage meters.
It is vital that this update is completed as soon as possible ‐ click here for more information.

Dial-In Number: Immediate Update Needed

Avoid disruptions to your mail operations. With a few simple steps, update the telephone number that your franking meter uses to connect to Pitney Bowes via analogue phone services.

important info IMPORTANT: Complete this change immediately.

Your meter uses this telephone number to connect to our Pitney Bowes servers to download postage funds, software updates and postage rates.

Making this update is quick and easy. Find your meter below and follow the instructions.


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DM300c, DM400c, DM450c


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DM400-DM1000 Mega Series

DM400-DM1000 Mega Series

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