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ParcelPoint Smart Locker Solutions
Pitney Bowes Expands ParcelPoint Smart Locker Solutions
The ParcelPointᵀᴹ Smart Locker product suite is expanding with two significant additions: Outdoor Smart Lockers solutions and Workplace Day Use functionality.
Smart Lockers
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Pitney Bowes Expands Regional Delivery Services
Pitney Bowes announces the expansion of its regional delivery service models to more than 20 major cities across the Southeast and Southwest United States.
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ESG 2022
Pitney Bowes Publishes 2022 ESG Report
The 2022 ESG Report highlights how teams across Pitney Bowes are doing their part to further the company’s focus on Governance, Environmental Stewardship, Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement, Safety, Community, and more.
2022 ESG Report
Parcel Shipping

Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index

The new Parcel Shipping Index featuring 2022 data from the world's 13 major markets confirms extended effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on Chinese shipping through 2022.

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