Minimal waste with efficient cutting technology removes a narrow strip on the envelopes from 0.25-10mm thick.
Simple to operate that even inexperienced staff can easily use it.
Designed to offer optimum levels of operator comfort, convenience and productivity.
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The small incision across the top of each envelope removes the risk of paper jams.

Process large volumes of mail with greater speed, efficiency and ease.

Meet the Product Range
We have a solution built for your needs.
Opens up to 300 envelopes per minute. Cutting device is securely housed inside, so your employees are safe and protected at all times.
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DL250 envelopes
Operates at up to 420 envelopes per minute. No need to pre-sort envelopes sizes as comes with automatic feed adjustment.
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Omation DL211
Omation DL211
Open up to 400 envelopes a minute with mixed mail thicknesses and sizes. Advanced milling technology opens envelopes completely, edge to edge.