Digital transformation. Sorted by us.

Inbound document & data workflow

Sent to you, sorted by us. When customer communications come in to your business, whether they are physical or digital, you need to get them to the right person quickly and efficiently.

Our document & data workflow automates the handling, capture digitisation, classification, workflow and archiving of your inbound mail helping to speed up labour-intensive processes, enable more agility and productivity and accelerate your digital transformation.

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Digitisation. Sorted.

Digitisation. Sorted.

Digitise and automate key processes to become paper lite.
Value generation. Sorted.

Value generation. Sorted.

Deliver business-wide value for a strategic advantage.
Operational Excellence. Sorted.

Operational Excellence. Sorted.

Become more resilient and efficient, optimising key resources.
Regulatory Compliance. Sorted.

Regulatory Compliance. Sorted.

Intelligently automate key processes for total visibility into all Inbound mail.

The changing business landscape in numbers

  • An IBM survey found over 60% of businesses have accelerated process automation
  • 90% of large organizations globally will have adopted robotic process automation in some form by 2022
  • 89% of leading digital businesses cite the value of agile, scalable IT in dealing with 2020 disruption
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Todays's agile working environment
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Remain effective from your agile environment with our scanning solutions.

Need to scan and send batch documents internally from your home office? In this 2-minute video, our Business Development Manager, Amy Day explains how you can continue to maintain security and accessibility for your organisation.