How does Hybrid Mail work?

hybrid mail

We know your in-house process can be time consuming with many manual steps which can be prone to error. 

We can automate your manual and legacy processes to send your most important documents both physically and digitally, all you need to do is follow three basic steps: 

 1: Login to your secure print driver portal and select a template

 2: Select and upload documents that you would like to be printed and posted

 3: Simply send to print and your letter will safely be delivered by An Post

 It’s that easy.

Automate your mailing now
create mail piece
Upload documents for print and post
physical transaction
Sending processes are automated for faster processing
Get started in minutes
Subscription based pricing means no upfront costs

How does Hybrid Mail save us money?

It’s simple & easy to use and with a low subscription making business justification that much more straight forward​. Find out how much you could save
Potential Savings per annum

How much does it cost to implement and are there any ongoing costs?

Hybrid Mail is designed to meet the needs and budgets of small, medium and large businesses.
  • A single monthly subscription
  • No set up fees***
  • Item level tracking in real-time
  • 2D bar coding verification
  • Preferential postage rates from 99c per letter****** / 2-3 day delivery
  • Send print and postage from €1.24 per letter inclusive of paper, envelope, print and processing****
  • GDPR compliant
  • Web portal submission
  • Document submission type: Word and PDF
  • Fully encrypted using Amazon web services

What are the main benefits of Hybrid Mail?

Ease of use, easy to get started
Automate processes to save costs
Data security with item level integrity
‘The Pitney Bowes hybrid mailing system has saved us hours of manual work compared to the old method, and the ability to report on each letter gives us peace of mind that our clients are receiving their communications from us on time.
- Rob Hopkins, Director, Family Finance Ltd

How can Hybrid Mail help?


1. Reduce hardware costs

Centralises production to reduce and right-size printers and other mailing hardware.

2. Maximise productivity and accuracy

Normalises document templates, to make the most of folding/inserting equipment.

3. Decrease postage costs

Standardises address placement and consolidates mail sent to same recipient or household.

4.Boost paperless adoption

Document templates are the same whether printed or sent via email.
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5.Increase customer satisfaction

Keeps documents and branding consistent so customers have a seamless experience across channels.

6. Improve visibility

Better manage print and electronic communications across the organisation.

Hybrid Mail is a great outsourcing option for all of these reasons

Full Outsourcing
Businesses that are sending regular mailings and simply do not want to invest in the equipment and staff necessary to do it the right way.
Regular mailings that occur quarterly, bi-annually, or annually where a businesses mail volume significantly increases for only a short period.
Business Continuity
For organisations that want to be ready for software, printer, or hardware interruptions. Hybrid Mail offers a fully hot-swappable on demand mail center for fast disaster recovery.

What are the drawbacks?

There aren’t any! Securely send letters and digital documents for physical print, production, and mailing via a pre-installed Pitney Bowes PC print driver, a dedicated file folder, or a web portal.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Our guide is full of advice and practical steps to ensure your business is ready for the digital future.

Learn how to handle your mail and incoming documents with the right kind of digital mailroom platform in place.

Download the guide
*Across paper, printer consumables, envelopes and postage. Savings could be more or less depending upon the complexity of the mailing required.
**Savings are approximate and subject to change:
• 20% potential savings calculated on mailing 5000 standard letters with An Post franking costs at €6,250. With Pitney Bowes Hybrid Mail, it’s €4,950. Saving a substantial €1,300, around 20%* of your postage costs.
***Subject to a minimum 2-year term for Hybrid Mail.
****1 sheet, 100 gsm mono simplex inserted into a C5 envelope via 2–3-day delivery.
*****Additional savings will also be achieved dependent upon your operating costs across staff handling, paper, printer consumables, envelopes. We will help you to choose the correct solution for your needs.
******C5 envelopes containing up to ten sheets of paper can be processed.