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Send post online with just a click. Save up to 20%** with Hybrid mail

Save money and free valuable staff time with a Hybrid mail on demand subscription. Our system allows you to securely send mail to print and post.

Sign up for a free mailroom audit to review your setup and find out where you can save.

Automate your mail today

Improve your in-house mailing processes when switching to hybrid mail

Transform your outgoing mail process by elevating into the digital age. Reduce cost, add greater flexibility and free up staff for more valuable tasks

Increase mail room efficiency with hybrid mail. How does it work?

Our mail on demand subscription is built to get your sending in just a few hours
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Setup in just a few clicks

Scalable service to fit any organisations, the solution capture your print ready files through either the printer driver, web portal or hot folder.

Using templates to process mail, we work with you to standardise to ensure any one can simply print to post

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Upload and send to print

Click, upload the documents and send to print, its a simple as that. We handle the rest

We remove the manual work from the mailing process allowing your staff to focus on the task that drive the most value.

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We print, post and An Post delivers

We do the rest! we print, insert to envelopes, add tracking and An Post collects from us and manages the delivery.

Our system provides an audit trail where you can check the status of every send and the cost attached for full visibility.

Save up to 20%** versus franking

It’s simple & easy to use and with a low subscription making business justification that much more straight forward​. Find out how much you could save
Potential Savings per annum

Faster & cheaper than using stamps or franking machines

Save time and money when using Hybrid mail
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Hybrid Mail
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Hybrid Mail Really Does Work
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Hybrid Mail Really Does Work

"Shifting to digital with the Pitney Bowes Hybrid Mail solution was so much easier than we thought, it was fast, simple and secure. And it has transformed the way we run our company.”

*Postage prices and savings indicated are unique to Priem and will differ depending on volume, complexity of mailing required and country postal rates.

Neil Oakey
Director, Preim Ltd

How we help your mailroom


Reduce hardware costs

Centralises production to reduce and right-size printers and other mailing hardware.

Maximise productivity and accuracy

Normalises document templates, to make the most of folding/inserting equipment.

Decrease postage costs

Standardises address placement and consolidates mail sent to same recipient or household.

Boost paperless adoption

Document templates are the same whether printed or sent via email.
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Increase customer satisfaction

Keeps documents and branding consistent so customers have a seamless experience across channels.

Improve visibility

Better manage print and electronic communications across the organisation.

Huge benefits, no downside

Hybrid mail on demand provides efficiency improvement, while maintaining internal standards and compliance.
Fast setup
Get up and running in hours, with a range of options to suit your organisation
Save money
Save money
No upfront cost and a single monthly subscrpition. save on every send with preferental rates
Maximise staff
Remove manual tasks and free up staff to focus on task which drive value

Bring your mail into the digital age

Let us review your mail room setup and show you what you are missing out on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly is a Hybrid Mail Service?

Hybrid Mail is an outsourced service designed to centralise print streams for businesses, optimising postal and stationery costs. It streamlines the process of printing and mailing documents, whether in bulk or individually, without necessitating any change to existing business processes.

Is there a minimum volume requirement for using Hybrid Mail?

No, once you are subscribed and document templates are created there are no minimum daily volume requirements. You can send a single letter or multiple letters for printing and posting as needed.

How secure is the hybrid mail service, and how does it comply with GDPR?

Security is a top priority with our hybrid mail service. We comply with GDPR and other data protection regulations by ensuring all documents are encrypted using AES-256 encryption, both in transit and at rest. Only authorised users can decrypt documents, with encryption keys uniquely generated for each document.

Can the system print and post documents in any format?

Our system can accept print-ready files in both Word and PDF formats and can process mail merges online, making it highly versatile and accommodating for various document types.

How does the hybrid mail service ensure the correct document reaches the right recipient?

The service utilises barcodes for page-level tracking, ensuring the right document is always placed in the right envelope. This accuracy is further supported by item-level reporting for audit purposes and a secure solution that includes item-level encryption.

What postal services can be used with this service?

You have the flexibility to use the postal service of your choice, whether it's 1st or 2nd class or a Downstream Access Delivery service. AN Post is used for the "Final Mile" delivery, guaranteeing that your documents reach their destination reliably.

How does the service support remote and hybrid working?

The service supports remote and hybrid working by allowing users to send documents for printing and posting or for digital delivery from any location. This flexibility is supported by our SaaS solution, which doesn't require any changes to your existing IT infrastructure.

*Across paper, printer consumables, envelopes and postage. Savings could be more or less depending upon the complexity of the mailing required.
**Savings are approximate and subject to change:
• 20% potential savings calculated on mailing 5000 standard letters with An Post franking costs at €6,250. With Pitney Bowes Hybrid Mail, it’s €5,100. Saving a substantial €1,150, around 20%* of your postage costs.
***Subject to a minimum 2-year term for Hybrid Mail.
****1 sheet, 100 gsm mono simplex inserted into a C5 envelope via 2–3-day delivery.
*****Additional savings will also be achieved dependent upon your operating costs across staff handling, paper, printer consumables, envelopes. We will help you to choose the correct solution for your needs.
******C5 envelopes containing up to ten sheets of paper can be processed.