Driving operational excellence in a more connected, always-on business environment

The realities of digital transformation

In a more competitive, digital business world, enhancing overall operational excellence has become critical to building long-term relationships with customers, driving growth and aligning with key regulatory, compliance and sustainability requirements.

As we shift into the next normal, where remote and hybrid working models become the norm, businesses must accelerate their digital transformation journeys to become more flexible and agile.

Doing so will enable them to break down silos and give teams the digital tools they need to collaborate across lines of business and diverse geographical office locations.

Standardising processes and workflows is a key part of ensuring true operational excellence and this begins with a migration from physical to digital processes.

This is particularly true within the context of mail and data processes which for many organisations remain out of date, slow, costly and a burden on valuable resource.

The disruption of 2020 has significantly increased the number of businesses shifting to digital to position for a new future of work.

In fact, with remote working expected to increase by 20% across all sectors irrespective of size, one of the biggest areas of focus for companies in the immediate term is implementing digital collaboration tools and enhancing remote working capacity.1

Recent research from Dell shows that 89% of leading digital businesses say that 2020 has shown the value of agile, scalable IT that can help enable greater efficiency and drive continued operational excellence.2

So how can a shift to digital improve broader operational excellence, particularly within the context of mailing processes, and why are businesses relatively slow to identify their mail and data workflows as key opportunities to implement change?

Transforming to align processes and workflows to the realities of the next normal

Too many businesses fail to understand the need for change when it comes to mailing processes, and often are unsure of where to start.

Mail workflows can remain unchanged for years and are a significant pain point for a huge percentage of organisations, impacting agility, business resiliency and flexibility.

But this is now slowly changing and more and more businesses are pivoting to digital, with 87% of senior business leaders in a major Gartner survey saying digitalization is now a key company priority.3

The reasons for this are easy enough to understand; by shifting to digital-first organisations can increase transparency, enhance collaboration, reduce errors and increase revenue and growth.

Indeed, customers of businesses that have embraced digital transformation are six times more likely to try a new product or service.4

But with this shift to digital also comes new compliance and regulatory concerns and the potential financial risk of failing compliance can be significant. This means businesses need a trusted partner with the technology and experience to help transform mail processes.

At Pitney Bowes we know how important digital transformation is and how powerful it can be in enhancing broader operational excellence, aligning processes and workflows and driving value across lines of business.

Our hybrid print and mail platform makes it simple to automate mailing tasks so you can send digital documents for physical print, production or digital delivery quickly and easily.

We can deliver true operational excellence on demand by supporting your business as it evolves to fit a new world of work.

By digitising and automating repetitive manual mailing processes we can help you eliminate bottlenecks and speed up delivery for customers. And our platform is flexible enough to enable distributed teams to send consistent communications, no matter where they’re based.

This means you can increase productivity and efficiency across the entire organisation, improving customer relationships, boosting revenue and growth and becoming more connected and agile.

And because we streamline and automate complex mailing processes that previously were a drain on revenue and resource, we can increase productivity of staff and alleviate admin burden too.

We’ll eliminate bottlenecks from the business, so that you’re faster, more responsive and efficient, able to meet evolving customer demands in a changing business landscape.

We know that environmental targets are a key part of any ESG strategy as well and we can help your business become greener too, reducing emissions and cutting waste so that you can minimise your environmental impact.

It is all part of our commitment to helping companies reimagine their mailing processes and workflows to deliver true business value.

A digital transformation partner you can trust

Our hybrid print and mail platform is already used by thousands of businesses to drive operational excellence, improve business agility and increase revenue and growth.

With Pitney Bowes as your digital transformation partner for complex business mail processes, automating mailing tasks is simple and you can start sending digital documents for physical print, production or digital in minutes.

It’s easy - You just click and we’ll do the rest.

Find out more about how Pitney Bowes can support your digital transformation journey