Shifting to digital to become more agile and responsive

Barry Meaden,
Head of Scanning Workflow Solutions

Over the past year, almost every sector has seen a rapid acceleration in digital transformation.

Where in the past internal barriers, resistance from key stakeholders and even a lack of strategic forethought around the benefits of digital transformation have held companies back, in 2020 huge disruption drove the necessity to move to more digital processes and workflows.

Collectively, businesses have now moved into the first phase of “next normal” – and increasingly it looks more digital and connected than we may ever have previously imagined.

Research from McKinsey shows that companies have accelerated the digitisation of their customer and supply-chain interactions by three to four years and the share of digital products by seven years over the past few months alone.1

But what does this shift mean for mailing processes and what benefits can businesses realise by transforming their complex business mail processes?

In this blog we’ll look at why now is the perfect time to transform inbound mail processes to become more agile, responsive and resilient in a changing business environment.

Barry Meaden

The future of inbound mail is connected, digital and faster than ever before

As everything from services to groceries and banking has shifted online, businesses that were already digital first have weathered recent disruption better than their peers and been able to drive both revenue and growth.

In fact, 45% of companies reporting a positive business impact of digital transformation also reported higher net revenue growth.2

And one of the reasons for this is that digital transformation enables greater agility, responsiveness and visibility into operations. Companies that can move quickly and adjust to change are more resilient and able to overcome disruption.

Inbound document and data is a business critical area of operations that companies can target to help increase transformation and improve overall operational efficiency.

The sheer volume of inbound mail, and increasingly digital documentation and associated personal data, is often a huge drain on resource for organisations and can slow responsiveness as business-critical documents take time to reach intended recipients.

Slow, manual mailing processes and workflows can create barriers with customers too, making it more difficult to meet evolving expectations and introducing greater complexity in efforts to become truly customer centric as a business.

With legacy mailing processes, bottlenecks can form easily too, and the volume and velocity of inbound documents and data can become an operational as well as an IT strain. With regulatory compliance becoming more complex each year, manual inbound document workflows also pose significant financial risks.

With tools like our Inbound Document and Data Workflow solutions however, companies can transform legacy mailing processes to be digital, connected and secure. We can enable companies to maintain vital communications without large mail room staff and increase internal collaboration to enhance business agility and responsiveness.

With tech like AI and automation we can drive greater productivity too, supporting remote and distributed working with a more user-centred rather than location-based approach.

And because we can simplify your IT landscape with a fully scalable, integrated, and end-to-end encrypted solution, we can build business-wide digital workflows that leverage smart automation to help you become faster and more efficient.

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Our Inbound Document and Data Workflow solutions can support your digital transformation journey by integrating seamlessly with your existing software products. We’ll help drive better handling, capture, digitisation, and classification of all your Inbound mail and data workflows.

With real-time dashboards for greater visibility, improved insights and intelligently automated mail processes, we can help you become digital first, eliminating bottlenecks, reducing manual errors and helping the business become more agile and responsive. 

Find out more about how our Inbound Document and Data Workflow solution can help transform complex business mail processes for your organisation. We can help drive greater precision, accuracy and speed to enable increased growth and revenue in a more connected, digital next normal.

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