Identifying Your Pitney Bowes Account Numbers

UPDATED: 23 April 2017

Understanding your account numbers help you manage your postage funding and transactions with Pitney Bowes, and assist during your reporting processes.

You also use this information to sign up for your account, and to add an account to your profile.


Purchase Power™: 16-digit Account Number.
If you have an active Purchase Power line of credit, you have a 16-digit account number; located at the top of your invoice. 


Rental, Supply Line, Maintenance & Service: 8-digit Account Number.
Above the 8-digits for "Your Account No.", the invoice advises the specific type; e.g., Rental, Service, Maintenance or Supply.



PB Postage (PBP)™: 8-digit Account Number.
Refilling postage on your meter and postage payment methods are typically linked to this 8-digit number, located at the top of your invoice/statement.