Increasing Operational Excellence in the next normal

Barry Meaden,
Head of Scanning Workflow Solutions

The value of true business continuity and resilience has never been more apparent as companies adjust to a very different landscape in 2021.

The past year has shown how organisations that are digital, customer-focused and data-driven have been at a competitive advantage in overcoming challenges caused by large scale disruption.

In the past, companies were often guilty of paying lip service to the wider implementation of Operational Excellence across lines of business, but as we move into a more digital, yet uncertain immediate future, ensuring Operational Excellence is now a key area of focus.

For businesses to thrive rather than merely survive in the next normal however, they’ll need to rethink everything from digital transformation to customer journeys, compliance processes to environmental and ESG obligations. And arguably one of the best places to start in driving enhanced Operational Excellence is in inbound document and data processes.

As the engine room of a business, the Inbound mail department or team brings everything together, ensuring business-critical mail and data can be actioned immediately and that the organisation is operating as efficiently as possible.

In this blog we’ll look at what transforming legacy inbound document and data processes could mean for your business and why there has never been a better time to shift to a digital first approach to drive wider Operational Excellence across the entire business.


Barry Meaden

Robust business continuity, regulatory compliance and customer centricity in focus

As businesses look ahead toward a more digital future, continuity and resilience is understandably at the forefront of strategic planning.

Ensuring greater visibility into different lines of business starts with greater digitisation of inbound document and data workflows. Understanding where bottlenecks are, and how to solve them can enable greater operational efficiency and greater agility for the business through faster response times and more timely communications.

Building better customer journeys and ensuring greater transparency of communication is equally important in a more connected business landscape.

More than a third of business leaders rank customer journeys as a key strategic priority and having the ability to quickly and accurately sort, handle, capture and digitise communications is key to unlocking greater value for customers.1

End-to-end digital transformation plays a critical role here, especially within an inbound document and data context, in not only putting customers first, but driving enhanced growth and revenue as the economy recovers. In order to thrive in the next normal, businesses must increase productivity and become more agile too.

Research shows that end-to-end transformation can increase productivity by up to 90% and it is this enhanced drive and ability to deliver that can help businesses better position for long-term success.2

By digitising inbound document and data workflows, businesses can adopt smarter, faster processes, leveraging automation to increase accuracy and enabling employees to work remotely with intelligent digital tools.

With data volume and velocity becoming increasingly complex for businesses to handle manually, regulatory compliance is another area of key concern. Regulations are evolving rapidly and ensuring total compliance, audibility and visibility into every piece of inbound mail and data is critical minimising financial risk.

Finally, by transforming inbound document and data processes, businesses can shift to become paper-lite, reducing waste, paper usage and ink to become greener and more environmentally friendly.


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The Pitney Bowes Inbound Document and Data Workflow solution can digitise your complex business inbound mail and data processes to help drive enhanced Operational Excellence.

We can build greater resilience for your business to position for long-term success and drive increased growth while enabling you to become more efficient and customer centric.

With smart automation and AI, we’ll increase productivity and eliminate manual handling errors so you’re faster, more agile and totally compliant. 

Find out more about how our Inbound Document and Data Workflow solution can help transform complex business mail processes for your organisation. We can help drive greater precision, accuracy and speed to enable increased growth and revenue in a more connected, digital next normal.

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