Business Mailing & Shipping Services

FSSI impresses its clients with the help of Pitney Bowes Presort Services.

PB picks up, sorts, bundles and delivers FSSI’s mail to the USPS three times a day, averaging over 4,100 pieces per hour.

Client profile

Focused on financial services using encrypted data sources

Delivers customized variable-data printed and electronic documents

One of the largest female-owned statement providers in the US

Business Goals

Increase efficiency in mail delivery and tracking

Reduce costs via volume printing

Communicate more effectively with customers


Increased precision on delivery of time-sensitive mail

Tracked every communication with superior accuracy

Adhered to strict compliance guidelines


“By leveraging Pitney Bowes Presort Services’ investment in advanced tracking technologies, we avoided a significant capital expense and lowered the cost of serving our customers.” Henry Perez,
FSSI’s Chief Operations Officer

FSSI was founded in 1980 and is now one of the largest independent woman-owned providers of statement services in the western United States. The company delivers highly customized variable-data printed and electronic document production and distribution solutions that help clients save money and communicate more effectively with their customers.

FSSI is equipped to receive encrypted data from virtually any transmission method. Once received, data is verified and processed to generate customized hard copy, electronic documents and reports. FSSI also offers ink-jet printing, full-color digital print solutions, digital document delivery and management, SMS, mobile apps and other direct mailing services that allow clients greater flexibility in developing unique and innovative customer communications.

For years, the company has relied on Pitney Bowes® mailing equipment and software to add speed and integrity to its mail production. Recently, FSSI expanded this relationship to include Pitney Bowes Presort Services. Three times a day, Pitney Bowes picks up FSSI’s mail, then preps, presorts and inducts it into the US Postal system.

Business Need

FSSI is a full-service communications leader with a focus on financial services. The company sought to increase efficiency, in both mail delivery and tracking, to achieve greater cost efficiencies and volume discounts that benefit their clients.



Deployment of Pitney Bowes Presort Services to pick up, sort, bundle and deliver FSSI’s mail to the United States Post Office three times a day, averaging over 100,000 pieces daily.


Detailed tracking, reporting and visibility
Because FSSI specializes in financial statement mailings, it is imperative that the company knows exactly when each piece is delivered. Compliance issues, time-to-revenue concerns and customer satisfaction issues all drive FSSI’s need for a tightly controlled tracking process.

Tax forms processing
FSSI specializes in processing and mailing IRS-compliant tax forms, and guarantees the accurate, timely, secure handling of every client record. Few documents contain more sensitive information than tax forms. A single breach of personal or financial data can put clients at serious risk and expose an institution to penalties and litigation. Pitney Bowes helps FSSI back up that guarantee.

Confidence, reliability and trust
Much of the mail that FSSI processes for its clients is time-sensitive, and must conform to governmental regulations. Clients need to have rock-solid confidence that FSSI is handling, preparing, processing and delivering their communications in a precise and timely manner, according to regulatory requirements. The deployment and integration of Pitney Bowes Presort Services is playing a vital role in helping FSSI provide this confidence and fulfill its pledge of unsurpassed quality, accuracy and security.