An Post requirements on the SendPro C, SendPro C Auto

Follow An Post requirements to ensure you mail is not delayed or rejected.
Products affected: SendPro® C, SendPro® C Auto (2H25, R2H25, 1H25C, R1H25C, R7H25C, 7H25A)

To prevent mail delays or rejections, follow An Post requirements.

Your device (Postal Security Device) has a license with An Post. Therefore, you must follow a few basic requirements.

  • Mail must have the correct date and postage amount shown.
  • Always ensure that your postal prints are clear and complete. Poor prints may result in An Post being unable to offer the service you requested. Prevent mail rejections from An Post by ensuring mail is legible.
  • If you move to another address, you must update An Post records. Contact your local device supplier for advice.
  • Postal printing ink and the tape sheets for putting postage on larger items must conform to postal specifications. For best performance, obtain ink cartridges and tape sheets direct from your device supplier.
  • Each time you add postage to the device a postal inspection occurs, as required by An Post. If the interval between inspections is too long, the screen prompts "Inspection Due". Eventually, if an inspection does not occur, the device prompts "Inspection Required." You won't be able to use your device until you complete an inspection.

UPDATED: 29 December 2023