Clearing a flapper stall on the Relay 2000-4000

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Products affected: Relay 2000™, Relay 3000™, Relay 4000™
Watch this video or follow the directions after the video to learn how to clear a flapper stall on the Relay 2000, Relay 3000 and Relay 4000:

To clear a flapper stall:
  1. Remove the sheet feeder trays and the fold plate.
  2. Pull the blue lever to release the flapper cover.
  3. Open the manual knob door.
  4. Lift up the flapper cover.
  5. Turn the manual knob clockwise to remove the stalled material.
  6. Close the flapper cover and the manual knob door.
  7. Install the fold plate and sheet feeders.
  8. Load material into the same feeder.

UPDATED: 21 April 2021