Adjusting the envelope openers on the Relay 5000-8000

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Products affected: Relay 5000™, Relay 6000™, Relay 7000™, Relay 8000™
Watch this video to learn how to adjust the envelope openers, or follow the directions after the video.

To adjust the envelope openers:
  1. Select Loading Instructions and Pre-run Adjustments.
  2. Select Pre-run Adjustments.
  3. Select Envelope Opener Settings.
  4. Press Trial Piece.
  5. Open the front cover and the insertion covers.
  6. Push the envelope openers down. All 5 fingers should just enter the envelope.
  7. Adjust the blue knobs on the top to re-position the fingers from side to side.
  8. Adjust the blue knobs on the fingers to adjust how far forward the fingers reach.

UPDATED: 21 April 2021