Downloading an envelope message on the DM50, DM55

Download your envelope message to save it on your franking machine.
Products affected: DM50™, DM55™ (K724)

Envelope Messaging is a feature of Pitney Bowes franking machines that allows you to choose from a range of pre-made artwork, or you can create customised logos to print on envelopes alongside postal franks. A common usage of the service is for companies to display their own company logo alongside a return address.

You must download your envelope message onto your franking machine to print the message on your mail. 

  1. Ensure that your system is connected via SmartLink™, PC Meter Connect or via an analogue phone line, in order to communicate with the Pitney Bowes Data Centre.
  2. Press Funds.
  3. Press Review (down) until you reach Check Balance Available.
  4. Press Enter/Yes.
  5. The franking machine will connect to the server. Once Prepaid balance appears, press Enter/Yes.
  6. Press No when Refill Postage? appears.
  7. If there is an update available, you will see the prompt Software Update required please wait. Press Enter/Yes and follow the prompts to download the update. If no updates are installed, the franking machine is already fully updated.

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UPDATED: 27 April 2021

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