Navigating the Home screen on the SendPro C

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Products affected: SendPro® C (2H25)

The Home screen on the SendPro C provides the starting point for printing postage.

Tap the Home icon in any screen to return to the Home screen.
Home screen

  • Tap Print on Envelopes to print envelopes, post cards and small parcels.
  • Tap SendPro Apps to view additional apps.
  • Tap Ask SendPro Care to get information and help for your device.


The toolbar located a the top of the Home screen appears at the top of every screen. It allows you to view and change settings for your SendPro C.


  1. Back - Return to the previous screen.
  2. Home - Return to the Home screen from anywhere in Print on Envelopes.
  3. Support - Search support content and get information on how to use the Print on Envelopes app.
  4. Network - View the current network type (wireless or Ethernet) and status and strength (for wireless connection). The image here represents a wireless connection.
  5. Settings View or change your device settings. This includes adjusting the screen brightness, setting sound notification levels, and viewing wireless or Ethernet connection information.
  6. Profile - Lock your device when you enable the security PIN.

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UPDATED: 06 September 2021