Sealing envelopes on the SendPro C

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Products affected: SendPro® C (2H25)

Use the moistener on your device to seal your envelopes. You can seal envelopes whether you are printing postage or only sealing the envelopes (no postage).

  1. Check the level of sealing solution in the moistener tank. Add more if required.
  2. Slide the envelope flap under the edge of the feed deck so the moistener can wet the flap.
    Envelope flap fed underneath the feed deck
    Envelope feeding through the device
  3. Tap Print on Envelopes on the Home screen.
  4. Tap Account and select an account if you use accounting.
  5. Tap the weight button.
  6. Tap Scale.
  7. Place the envelope on the scale. You must do this before the next step or else the Apply button remains inactive.
  8. Tap Class then select the class of mail you want.
  9. Tap Graphic then select a graphic, if necessary.
  10. Tap Apply to continue.
  11. Place the envelope on the feed deck then manually feed it through the device.

Important: If the moistener tank is full and your envelopes do not seal correctly, clean the moistener brush and wick.

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UPDATED: 23 April 2021