Uploading postage transactions on the SendPro C

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Products affected: SendPro® C (2H25)

Automatic upload of your postage transactions

  • Your device automatically uploads your postage transactions to the Pitney Bowes Data Centre. This occurs at least once during the day and once after hours.
  • If you lock your device or turn it off for any extended period, it automatically uploads your transactions when you turn it on again.
  • If you see the message "Sync your data", it means you need to upload your transactions.

Important: If your device had connection issues recently, it may require multiple uploads to upload transactions. If the device prompts you to upload more than three times, please contact technical support.

Manual upload of your postage transactions

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Envelope Printer Settings section.
  3. Tap Sync Transaction Data.
    • A series of messages appear, starting with "Preparing Transaction Data" followed by "Sending Transaction Data."
    • Once the upload is complete, the message "Transaction Data Sent" appears.
    • The message "No Sync Required" appears if there are no new transactions to upload.

UPDATED: 06 September 2021