Poor print quality on the DM50, DM55

Poor print quality or no printing issues can occur due to several factors, including lack of use, overuse, or ink issues.
Products affected: DM50™, DM55™ (K724)


Print quality issues have occurred:

  • Print is faded, blurry or streaky.
  • Print is not clear and hard to read, smudged or smeared.
  • A printing issue has occurred e.g. Only partial print of the frank.


Several factors can contribute to deterioration in print quality:

  • Lack of use: When the franking machine is idle for a long time, dried ink from previous printings can clog the nozzles in the print head.
  • Overuse: Overuse increases wear and tear on the print head and can lead to issues.
  • Ink issues: Low ink or no ink in the ink cartridge can impair print quality and cause other problems with the franking machine.


  1. Select Menu/Options.
  2. Press Review (down) to Use ink functions.
  3. Press Enter/Yes.
  4. Press Review (down) to Clean printer nozzles.
  5. Press Enter/Yes.
  6. Insert an envelope or tape sheet when prompted.
  7. Press Enter/Yes if the print issue is resolved.
  8. Press No to repeat a purge if the print issue is unresolved. You can repeat this process three times if necessary.

If the issue still occurs after 3 attempts please contact Technical Support.

If the Low Ink or Ink Out message appears:

  • If Low Ink appears, you can continue to print, but the ink supply is almost gone and you need to replace the ink cartridge soon.
  • If Ink Out appears, the ink supply is completely gone and you must replace the cartridge. Install a new postal approved ink cartridge immediately.

To order a genuine Pitney Bowes replacement ink cartridge, click the Order Ink button:

Order ink button

UPDATED: 21 June 2023