Creating a normal preset on the DM100, DM125i, DM175i

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Products affected: DM100, DM125i, DM175i (P725)

The Normal Preset is the default setting on your franking machine that you define with your most commonly used values, such as the Class envelope message and mail type.

The Normal Preset values will be the default state on your franking machine when it is first powered on, and after it wakes from sleep mode. If you select Normal Preset when on the Home screen your franking machine will return to these default values.

Important: You cannot edit the Normal Preset. To change it, define a new normal preset to replace the previous one.

  1. Place an empty envelope on the scale and select the desired class.
  2. If required, select your desired envelope message.
  3. Press Custom Presets.
  4. Select Define Normal Preset.
  5. Press Yes/Enter to confirm all values are correct.
  6. Press Home to return to the Home screen.

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UPDATED: 22 April 2021