"Waste Tank Full" or "Waste Tank Near Full" messages on the DM50, DM55

Check the Waste Ink Tray and reset the counter to resolve Waste Tank Full or Waste Tank Near Full.
Products affected: DM50™, DM55™ (K724)


The messages Waste Tank Full or Waste Tank Near Full appear and your franking machine will not print.


Sensors in your franking machine detect that the Waste Tray, also known as an Ink Pad or Waste Tank is full or nearly full of ink.

The Waste Tray is a foam sponge that sits in the drawer underneath your franking machine and collects excess ink.


  1. Remove the waste tray from the back of the franking machine by sliding the light blue switch to the right and pulling out the waste tray.
    ink tray button
    ink tray removed
    Important: If the sponge (ink tray) is completely covered with ink, contact Technical Support.
  2. Replace the ink tray.
    ink tray installed
  3. Press Clear/Back to clear the error.
    Important: The message will clear when you press Clear, but the issue is not yet resolved.
  4. Press Menu/Options.
  5. Press Review (down) until Use Ink Functions appears?.
  6. Press Enter/Yes.
  7. Press Review (down) until Replace Ink Tray appears.
  8. Press Enter/Yes. Install Ink Tray? appears.
  9. Press Enter/Yes. Enter in Code From Instructions: xxxx appears.
  10. Enter the code ..57 (dot, dot, 5, 7).
  11. Press Enter/Yes.
  12. Press Enter/Yes at the New Waste Tray Installed? screen.

If the message does not clear or if the Waste Tray foam is fully saturated, please chat with us for further assistance.

UPDATED: 21 June 2023