Sealing issues on the Relay 1000

Check the Seal indicator is lit, confirm there is plenty of sealing solution in the moistener tank and turn on Safe Seal mode to help prevent sealing issues.
Products affected: Relay™ 1000


Envelopes are not sealing or are sealing incompletely.


Envelopes are not being sufficiently moistened.


  1. Confirm that the Seal indicator is lit.
  2. Confirm that there is plenty of sealing solution in the moistener tank. The tank is located beneath the Start and Stop button.
  3. Pull the moistener tank out and wipe off the wicks. If the wicks are worn and dirty, order new wicks.
  4. If the sealer has new wicks installed, wait ten minutes to ensure that the sealant has soaked into the wick sufficiently, then try again. Prime the wicks by rubbing a finger across the top of wicks.
  5. Confirm that the machine is on a level surface. The sealing solution may be favouring one side of the sealer unit.
  6. Turn on the Safe Seal mode to ensure that the machine allows enough time to transfer the sealant to the envelope flaps:
    • Press Menu/Enter until Safe Seal is Off. Change? appears.
    • Select Yes.

UPDATED: 21 June 2023