AutoInk Explained

Autoink is a contractual program that monitors your ink usage and automatically ships a replacement ink once a low ink alert is received.
The Autoink program is a convenient way of ensuring you don’t run out of ink. By connecting the meter to Pitney Bowes, low ink alerts are sent to us when your current cartridge reaches a capacity of 10% or less, a replacement cartridge will then automatically be delivered. 

Autoink is currently only available for the SendPro C machine. Enrolment in the program is determined by your current contract. Review the information below to see how the program works. 

The meter must be connected at all times to enable Pitney Bowes to receive the low ink alert when the cartridge reaches 10%. 

Checking connection on a Sendpro C: Locate the WiFi symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. A slash through this icon indicates connectivity issues. If you are experiencing issues connecting, see Diagnose connection issues.

On receipt of a low ink alert, we will then ship you one ink cartridge which will be delivered within 5 business days. 

  • Spare ink cartridges and labels for larger items are not included in the Autoink program but may be purchased separately at the Pitney Bowes store. The correct labels for the Sendpro C are DBL-LBL250 or DBL-LBL1000.

UPDATED: 29 December 2023