10 Home Office Productivity Tips for Running a Successful Business from Home

Millions of large and small companies across India have been forced to conduct their businesses from home during the country-wide lockdown over the last two months. Thanks to the internet, consumers and small businesses can easily connect from across the globe. This can all be achieved from the comfort of your home. However, this type of convenience can lead to confusion when drawing the line between your home and your office space.

And you’re not alone either. Close to 1 in 3 small businesses operating from home feel that they have a hard time separating business and their personal lives. This list of tips and strategies will help you get the most out of your living space and while growing your business.

  1. Standardize Processes for Operating your Business from Home
  2. Keep receipts, documents and files stored in a dedicated cabinet. Set up a routine for shipping orders. Keep your work area tidy. Be a stickler for procedure. This allows you to maintain a constant level of professionalism across your operations and establish protocols within your home office.

  3. Ensure that You Have Proper Lighting
  4. Studies have shown that proper lighting is not only good for your eyes, but your mental health as well. A dark basement is not the ideal place to work. Invest in some lamps and bright LED lightbulbs that give off a white light. Try to work in an area where sunlight is abundant.

  5. Separate Business and Pleasure
  6. Draw a line between your business and your personal life. It’s tempting to work from your sofa only to end up distracted by the television. Create a dedicated workspace away from the areas where you relax. Set a clear working schedule to avoid procrastinating during work hours.

  7. Ergonomic Rules Still Apply
  8. Invest in a setup you’ll enjoy working at. Consider purchasing an ergonomic chair, a standing desk or whatever office furniture that will make you more productive and comfortable. If you don’t have any of these, then you can use a section of your dining table to conduct business instead of sitting in your living area on a sofa or a bed.

  9. Automate as Many Tasks as You Can
  10. With only 24 hours in a day, your time is better spent on important tasks that will help grow your business. Automate as much as you can. A smart assistant can help you stay organized.

  11. Create a Green Workspace
  12. Surround yourself with plants and greenery to boost your mood. Studies have shown that employees are 15% more productive when their workplaces include some houseplants. Plants help get you psychologically engaged while promoting happiness, which results in better work.

  13. Dress for Success
  14. Rolling out of bed and wearing your pajamas all day may be simpler, but it can also affect your overall productivity. Getting dressed allows you to present the version of yourself you want to be to the world and puts you in the right frame of mind.

  15. Get Some Fresh Air
  16. Get out of the house for a short walk and take meaningful breaks by walking around inside your house or in your balcony. When working from home, it can be easy to lose track of time. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery or time to recharge and minimize burnout.

  17. Stay Connected for a Better Working Situation
  18. One study shows that 21% of people working from home feel lonely from time-to-time. Isolation is great for concentrating, but stifles creativity and reduces motivation in longer intervals. Dedicate time for face-to-face contact, be it through weekly meetings, discussions, or engaging in team activities over coffee or meals.

  19. Invest in the Right Tools
  20. Working from home allows you to save on office rent. However, you should always invest in the equipment needed to get tasks done properly. Accounting software is a must if you track expenses. If you ship packages regularly, invest in shipping services to weigh parcels, print shipping labels and schedule pickups. You can also order shipping supplies online through our webstore.

    When it comes to home office productivity, there needs to be a balance between concentration and stimulation. The perfect home office should allow you to focus on your work while getting you in the perfect state of mind.

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