Digital Franking Machines and Postage Meters

Easily send envelopes, parcels and packages directly from your office or mail center. Streamline your office mail and save on postage costs.
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DM100i Digital Franking Machine image
DM100i Digital Franking Machine
Easy mail processing, 25 to 35 letters per minute.
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DM130i Digital Franking Machine image
DM130i Digital Franking Machine
Expect more from your mail processing, 35 to 45 letters per minute.
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DM140i Digital Franking Machine image
DM140i Digital Franking Machine
Easy, convenient and flexible, process up to 55 letters per minute.
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B700 V2 Tax Meter Solution image
B700 V2 Tax Meter Solution
Secure and cost-effective advance stamp duty collection.
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Connect+ 1000™ image
Connect+ 1000™
A mailing system for every day jobs or complicated mailings.
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Connect+ 2000™ image
Connect+ 2000™
A mid-volume mailing system, the right tools for your staff.
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Connect+ 3000™ image
Connect+ 3000™
A high-output mail operation for larger production needs.
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Postage Meter Ink and Supplies

Postage Meter Ink and Supplies
Buy all your genuine postage meter supplies online

View our full range of postage meter supplies including our genuine inks which have been specifically formulated for our postage machines. Minimise clogs and jams experienced with other inks and keep operations efficient throughout the lifespan of the cartridge.

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Still not sure which franking machine is right for your business?


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Accurately weigh all of your mail to get the right postage rate every time.
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Print precise postage for most classes of mail pieces.
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Send most classes of mails through India Post right from your office or mail room. Keep an eye on postage costs by tracking and reporting on different team or client accounts.
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Print postage up to ₹9999.99 and enjoy 3% rebate on every franked mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a franking machine?

A franking machine is a device used by businesses to accurately weigh, calculate, and apply postage to mail pieces. It eliminates the need for stamps and ensures accurate postage rates as complied by Department of Post.

How does a franking machine differ from a postage meter?

Essentially, they're the same. A franking machine is often referred to as a postage meter. Both terms describe the same device used for applying postage to mail pieces.

What are the benefits of using digital franking machines?

Digital franking machines offer several advantages, including time-saving features, easier postage management, the ability to print company logos or messages on envelopes, and access to online postage services.

Are postal franking machines suitable for small businesses?

Yes, postal franking machines are designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. They help streamline postage processes, improve efficiency, and often offer cost-saving benefits for smaller mail volumes.

How do digital franking machines improve postage accuracy?

Digital franking machines use precise weighing and calculation mechanisms to ensure accurate postage rates are applied to each mail item. This helps avoid overpaying or underpaying for postage.

Can I use a digital franking machine to send international mail?

Yes, most digital franking machines support international postage. They typically have built-in features to calculate and apply the correct postage rates for various destinations worldwide.

Do I need special training to operate a franking machine?

While franking machines are designed to be user-friendly, some basic training may be required to operate them efficiently. Manufacturers often provide training materials or support to help users get started.

Are there regulations governing the use of franking machines?

Yes, postal authorities typically have regulations and guidelines regarding the use of franking machines. These may include requirements for accurate postage calculation, security features, and reporting procedures.

How do I refill postage on a digital franking machine?

Refilling postage on a digital franking machine is usually done electronically. Users can top up their postage balance online or through the machine's interface, often using pre-paid accounts.

What maintenance is required for a franking machine?

Franking machines generally require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional calibration may be necessary to ensure accurate performance. Additionally, software updates may be provided by the manufacturer to keep the machine up-to-date with postal regulations and rate changes.