Withdrawing or Transferring Postage Funds from Your Meter

UPDATED: July 7, 2017

Postage meters hold value beyond the material cost of the equipment. They contain postage funds that belong to your company. From time to time, you may need to remove some or all these funds. This is done by transferring the funds from the meter back to your original funding source(s). Each meter model has a specific method for withdrawing or transferring funds.

This page provides an overview. For more detailed information, visit our Postage Refunds section and, for smaller meter models, our Returning a Meter section.

Why transfer funds?

When returning, replacing or upgrading your meter, you must remove the funds before sending it back to Pitney Bowes. This process is called meter deactivation.

If you have accidentally overfilled your meter and want to retrieve those funds, you must contact Pitney Bowes for help.

What is "meter deactivation?"

To comply with USPS regulations as well as to maintain your security, meters must be deactivated before they are returned to Pitney Bowes.

Deactivation involves transferring all postage funds from the meter back to its original funding source(s).

Instructions for deactivating your meter depend on the return method and type of equipment you are returning.

  • When you deactivate and return smaller meter models, we may send you a box and/or a label to ship your equipment back to us.
  • Per your lease agreement, Pitney Bowes may have instructed you to contact a preferred courier to pack and ship your equipment. If you need help deactivating your meter, chat with a Pitney Bowes agent.
  • If you have been instructed by Pitney Bowes that a field representative will pick up your equipment, he/she will assist you with the funds transfer.

If your meter is inoperable, and your funds cannot be transferred, you can pack and ship non-functioning equipment as-is. Funds from the impaired meter will be transferred at our facility and credited to the funding source(s) that initially funded the postage. Allow for additional processing time.

Be sure to contact your representative before deactivating or returning a meter:

  • Lease Customers: 1-800-732-7222
  • Rental Customers: 1-800-228-1071

What happens to my funds when I deactivate a meter?

Transferred postage funds may become available for reuse, credit or refund when you deactivate and return a meter. Credit for postage is assigned back to the original funding source(s).

 When more than one meter is associated with your postage account and you are requesting a refund, be sure to retrieve the exact amount you require. Depleting the postage account of all funds will affect other mailing operations within your company.

For more information

Visit our Postage Refunds section and, for smaller meter models, our Returning a Meter section for more information.