Returning cancelled equipment

Information on how to request to cancel a contract and how to return a machine. Also, learn how to apply for a refund of unused postage once a contract has been cancelled.

1. Request Cancellation

To request termination of a contract you will need to create a case through your online portal. A case number will be displayed and confirmed via email.
Note: Your case will be assigned to a team who will assist with your request and inform you of the next steps.  

2. Return a Meter 

  1. Once a cancellation is finalised a member of the team assigned to your case in step 1 will provide a link to a UPS returns portal via email.             
    • Some equipment may require a Pitney Bowes engineer to attend site to complete the return of the machine, this will be advised once the cancellation has been completed. 
  2. Follow the steps on the left side of the returns portal to process the return of a meter.
    • If the final cancellation email has not been received or further assistance is required with a collection you can create a case.
  • For updates on booked return orders contact UPS directly on (01) 524 5446.
  • Any funds withdrawn from your meter will be refunded by cheque directly from An Post: See Unused Postage Refunds.

UPDATED: 04 September 2023