A high-output mail operation for larger production needs.

Connect+ 3000™

The Connect+ 3000 mailing system can easily meet your high demands and gives you more features and flexibility than you thought imaginable. The Connect+ 3000 is designed with durable components that enable you to continuously feed mail at high speeds and process variable weight mail by automatically weighing and measuring each piece to correctly apply postage.

For letter mail, the Connect+ 3000 will seal and print postage at up to 310 letters per minute. It handles thick or thin mail as well as small or large envelopes without the need for sorting. With the Weigh-on-the-Weigh™ feature, you can process mixed sized mail automatically at 205 letters per minute. The Connect+ 3000 is easy to use with an intuitive colour touch-screen display and web based navigation and connectivity. The system also allows you to produce custom envelopes with marketing messages in the same run as when you print postage. This makes every envelope an opportunity to reinforce an organisation’s message and even generate revenue.

Connect+ 3000 Features

  • Colour touch screen display
  • Automatic feeding with shape-based rating
  • Weigh-on-the-Way™ (WOW™)
  • Max processing speed: 310 letters per minute
  • Flexible printing across the top of the envelope
  • Weighing platforms options – 12kg or 35kg capacity
  • Drop stacker (standard)
  • Adhesive roll tape for packages
  • Pump-fed pad; open or closed flap sealing
  • Accounting and analytics options
  • Peripheral hardware options

Weigh-on-the-Way (WOW)

500g Standard

Max processing speed (letters per minute) 

Up to 205/310 lpm as standard

Shape based rating

Standard – automatic

Colour touch screen display

10” display as standard

Stacking Options

Drop stacker (standard)


12 or 35kg weigh platform as standard

Differential weighing


Full colour printing

Optional 1200 dpi CMYK

System Dimensions
(Colour Solution with Drop Stacker)

80"L x 28"D x 24"H

System Dimensions
(Colour Solution with Power Stacker)

99"L x 27.5"D x 24"H

Package tape printing (Retail rating)

Adhesive roll tape or gummed roll tape

Sealing system

Pump-fed pad; open or closed flap sealing


Optional – max up to 100, 500, 1000, 2000,
3000 accounts

Peripheral hardware options

Barcode scanner, laser printer, wireless keyboard, portrait flats kit, power stacking kit, feeder side guide, 5" large display, 12 & 35 kg platforms