Adding or refilling postage on your DM100, DM125i and DM175i

To print postage onto your mail piece, you must transfer postage funds from your Pitney Bowes account to your meter. The meter deducts the amount of your postage from the available funds on your meter. When your meter funds are low, you must add or refill more postage from your Pitney Bowes account.
Products affected: DM100, DM125i, DM175i (P725)

Before you begin

Ensure that your system connects using SmartLink or PC Meter Connect to communicate with the Pitney Bowes Data Centre.

Refill postage on your meter

Follow these steps to refill postage on your meter:

  1. Press Add Postage.
  2. Select a refill option:
    1. Select Add xx to add the amount shown. This is the amount that was added at your last refill.
    2. Select Add another amount to specify the amount of money you want to add to your meter.
      1. Enter the amount on the keypad. Value must be in increments of €50 in the ROI.
      2. Select Continue.
      3. Press Yes/Enter to confirm.
  3. The system connects to the Data Centre (this may take a few moments). Various screens display, letting you know the status of the process.
  4. The Amount Added and Available balances display.
  5. You will be asked if you want to print a receipt. If you do not want to print a receipt just press Home.
    1. Press Yes/Enter and insert an envelope/tape sheet through machine to print a receipt.
    2. Press Home to return to Home Screen without printing a receipt.

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UPDATED: 16 June 2023