Rate change Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Need to get a complete list of An Post’s postage rates? Click here

Q2. What are the main changes of this Rate Change? 

Domestic services for Letters, Large Envelopes and Packets are changing. There are various changes to Registered and Express Services across Domestic and International Zones.

Q3. Will I be charged for an updated postal tariff for my equipment? 
This depends on whether or not you have an annual service agreement with your equipment and what level of cover you have subscribed to. We will communicate to all Customers detailing their individual circumstances.

Q4. Why do I need to up-date my machine? 
From time to time An Post announces changes in their postal tariffs. Your machine needs to be updated with the latest rates to ensure your mail carries the correct postal costs. Incorrect postage values may result in non delivery of items.

Q5. Why do I have to pay for my Rate Update? 
An Post are the regulators for the postal service. They have enforced a price change therefore we have to cover the development costs to provide our customers with the new updates. As per your agreement the new rates will be chargeable and are not covered within your rental. The new postal rates do offer a discount so there are benefits to be gained.


Q6. How can I resolve the error Software Download Failed? 
This error is usually seen on machines that connect through PC Meter Connect. Please click here for help with this error.

Q7. How do I update the postal rates on my mailing equipment?
For rates download instructions please click here and select your franking machine model.

Q8. How do I check to see if my machine has downloaded the latest postal rates update? Click here 

Q9. How do I frank my mail if I do not have the latest rates on my machine?
You will need to weigh your item, refer to the An Post rate chart and type the amount in manually. However, this is not recommended due to potential errors.