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Our Inbound document and data workflow solution can help automate and digitise complex business mail processes to ensure wider operational excellence.

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Robust continuity and resilience

In an increasingly digital world of communications, we can empower your organisation to be more effective and efficient, maximising the value of your existing resources while optimising Inbound mail processes to increase business agility at lower cost.

Our Inbound document and data workflow solution can automate processes and digitise the way you operate to drive robust operational resilience, support your employees working remotely and better balance capability, capacity and compliance.

We can help manage and reduce operational strain too, improving staff productivity and helping you scale more effortlessly.

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Increase productivity and accuracy

Our opening and scanning software helps increase productivity while smart automation eliminates errors caused by manual processing. We’ll help make you faster, more agile and productive than ever before, eliminating bottlenecks so you’re more responsive and can meet customer expectations.

Transform your mail processes

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Enhance business performance

Enhance business performance

Our Inbound document and data workflow solution unifies fragmented processes, reducing operational strain and increasing business resilience. 

We’ll help deliver more precise analysis, routing, delivery, archiving and retrieval of mail to drive real results.


The changing business landscape in numbers

  • An IBM survey found over 60% of businesses have accelerated process automation
  • 90% of large organizations globally will have adopted robotic process automation in some form by 2022
  • 89% of leading digital businesses cite the value of agile, scalable IT in dealing with 2020 disruption
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