Shipping Analytics: Streamline Your Shipping and Mailing Operations

Learn how shipping and mailing analytics can help improve visibility over multiple locations.

Whether it’s identifying higher-than-normal mailing costs at a specific location or looking for ways to save money on shipping and mailing , there are many reasons to improve visibility in your shipping and mailing operations across multiple locations. Communication is important, but for more reliable and standardized data, analytics are your best bet.

Why you need analytics

Companies rely on analytics to inform smarter decisions. Executives use analytics to spot spending trends, take decisive action, and identify ways to increase revenue or expand their business. According to Gartner, “Data and analytics are especially important to modern businesses as it can improve decision outcomes for all types of decisions (macro, micro, real-time, cyclical, strategic, tactical and operational). At the same time, D&A can unearth new questions and innovative solutions to questions — and opportunities — that business leaders had not even considered.”

Information is the single most powerful tool in any business endeavour. Data analytics gather and sort useful information for easy reporting and keep essential data accessible to drive better decision-making. Analytics also make it possible to easily track large amounts of data, which makes it easier to flag issues early and understand how problems contribute to higher costs.

Shipping and mailing data

Analytics provide insight into every facet of your company’s shipping and mailing operations, including parcel volume, delivery data, shipping and mailing supplies, and carrier costs and surcharges. Such data can be used to identify inefficiencies, uncover unnecessary costs, and help your business streamline shipping and mailing processes.

Shipping and mailing costs differ by parcel weight, class, season, and carrier. Comprehensive analytics identify your best, most cost-effective shipping and mailing options across multiple origin and delivery locations. With all this information consolidated, analyzed, sorted, and reported on a user-friendly dashboard, your company’s real-time shipping and mailing data is available and accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed to drive better decisions.

Analytics in action

Today’s state-of-the-art shipping and mailing analytics platform is user-friendly and cloud-based for easy remote access. Analytics expands operational visibility, so shipping and mailing professionals can quickly detect and resolve problems, identify waste, and pinpoint potential cost savings. Keep track of all your company’s shipping and mailing data for a complete, informative picture of the entirety of your shipping and mailing operation.

A smart analytics platform streamlines management of your company’s shipping, mailing, and receiving operations with data on everything from carrier rates and postage costs to contracts and supplies information. With information constantly streaming in from different sources, departments, and office locations, data management is increasingly complex.

The right analytics solution can reduce or eliminate data silos to provide your organization with a consolidated view of shipping and mailing expenses and activity across multiple locations. This enhanced visibility helps your business easily identify inefficiencies and reduce costs. With consolidated views of relevant data, customizable reporting, company-specific KPIs, and proactive cost-saving and process improvement recommendations, PitneyAnalytics® solution can help you make smarter decisions to benefit your company’s shipping and mailing operations.

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