Choose the right shipping carrier with Pitney Bowes

Make shipping decisions that make sense for your business. With Pitney Bowes shipping software, you get access to the best shipping rates, services and discounts from reliable carriers such as Canada Post, UPS, FedEx and Purolator while deciding which one is right for your shipping and mailing needs. See our ecommerce and logistics services for more information.

What is a shipping carrier?

A shipping carrier/shipping company is responsible for getting your packages from Point A (the shipper) to Point B (your customers). Nowadays, shipping companies are increasingly essential to helping businesses like yours deliver products to customers, and to meet rising expectations for rapid deliveries and best rates – whether it’s overnight, overseas or over the lunch hour. While some shipping companies focus on local deliveries, others specialize in regional service, international shipping, or all of the above.

Pitney Bowes SendTech partners with leading carriers, including Canada Post, UPS, Purolator or FedEx, among others, to cover all your shipping needs.

Major national and international carriers to ship with

How to Choose a Shipping Carrier: Important Factors to Consider

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Shop rates and compare shipping services across multiple carriers with PitneyShip® Pro

Advantages of Shipping with Pitney Bowes

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Why work with Pitney Bowes?

Pitney Bowes makes shipping easy and economical. With our shipping software, you can automate your process for sending packages, giving you more time to focus on running your business. Whatever your business size, Pitney Bowes gives you access to the best shipping rates from top carriers. No need to negotiate to get shipping discounts. No minimum volume requirements. No managing separate accounts with multiple discount shipping companies. 
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What does the shipping software do?

Our Shipping management software PitneyShip® Pro includes the convenience of batch printing shipping labels; best-match recommendation tool for comparing rates across carriers; mobile app measuring tool to accurately measure your packages; tracking across carriers to keep tabs on parcels, and the confidence of address verification technology, so you don’t get stuck with re-delivery fees. Get an estimate on shipping costs and never overpay for shipping again.
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How does Pitney Bowes work with different shipping carriers?

Pitney Bowes shipping software demystifies the process of working with multiple shipping companies. From one easy-to-use website, you can compare the best shipping rates in real-time for up to eight major shipping carriers. Through the Pitney Bowes partnership with these carriers, you get the convenience of package pickup options, centralized tracking of your packages, and consolidated billing. You can also get access to a broad fulfillment network that reduces the distance between your product and your customer.
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How do you get discounts on shipping?

One option is to negotiate rates by leveraging your shipping volumes with multiple shipping carriers to find the best deal available. But there is an easier way. With a multi-carrier shipping software solution, such as PitneyShip® Pro, you get immediate access to pre-negotiated discounts with no monthly minimum volume requirements, and you can compare rates between carriers on one central portal.


What is the best shipping carrier?

Perhaps you should ask “What is the best shipping carrier for me?” By applying the factors listed above (i.e., Price, Discount options, Speed of delivery, Tracking visibility, Delivery options (home, locker, carrier store, Return options (drop box, home, carrier store), Shipping insurance, Geographic reach, etc.), you’ll likely arrive at the carrier (or carriers) that are best suited for your specific business needs.

What is the most trusted delivery service?

Reliability is essential to shipping. Some objective measures include on-time delivery and customer service. Of course, your own experience is important. Which shipping company has previously come through for you? You might just want to stick with what works for you. Employing a multi-carrier shipping strategy helps you find the right delivery options for all of your sending requirements.

What is the difference between courier and carrier?

Couriers typically work with smaller shipments; carriers often move large packages all at once. In general, couriers provide door-to-door service; carriers typically do not. UPS or FedEx, for instance is both a courier and a carrier because it does a wide variety of services.

How do shipping carriers conduct international shipping?

Global carriers take different steps to get packages across international borders and to their destination. When the package arrives in another country, Canada Post, for example, may hand a package off to that country’s postal service for delivery.

UPS and FedEx, on the other hand, operate their own international logistics networks to make deliveries in other countries. The in-house approach helps carriers move packages faster and track deliveries more closely, but also can be more expensive.

What is ‘Ground Shipping’?

Ground shipping refers to any shipping that involves goods being transported via roads or rails. When shipping domestically, ground shipping is typically the most cost-effective and convenient method of delivering your shipment. Our shipping software PitneyShip® Pro provides a complete list of options for your shipping requirements, including ground shipping.

What our customers say about us

"We were using one carrier, and that carrier made us round up to the nearest pound, which was costing us a lot of money. After switching to Pitney Bowes, we were able to accurately weigh our packages to the ounce. We’re typically saving about US$7-10 per package, and that saved us a lot of money".
Kevin Kaidbey, co-owner Nora Ross hair care and wellness products, USA

Choosing the Perfect Shipping Carrier: UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and Purolator Compared

When it comes to shipping parcels domestically or internationally, finding the ideal shipping carrier can significantly impact your business's success.