Learn why and how to connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center

Learn the details related to connecting your meter to the Pitney Bowes data center in Canada

UPDATED: 09 August 2017

Why Connect
Your mailing system must connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center to perform software updates, download postage, and update the latest rates. Select a topic from the list of FAQs:



How to connect
Digital is the primary method of connectivity due to its speed, convenience, reliability and lower costs. It eliminates the need and additional cost for a separate analog phone line. A digital connection also provides substantially faster upload and download speeds. Learn how to digitally connect your meter:


What happens when my meter is connected
Connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center to add postage or perform other transactions, including software updates. You will see a message when an update is available.

warning Do not disconnect the USB cable, LAN cable, or turn off the power with your meter while an update or postal rate download is in process. Wait until the process has finished - indicated when the meter Home screen displays postage and the date.

Add Postage Funds
Postage funds are stored internally in your meter. When the funds run low, you must refill your postage through the Data Center to transfer/download funds from your postage account. Of course, you'll need to have funds available through PitneyWorks® or prepaid Postage by Phone™ (PBP) account.


Obtain Software Updates
Software updates are sometimes needed for improved meter operations. The Data Center detects if an update is necessary and displays a message on the meter, e.g., "Update Required" or "Update Available". Connect to the data center as soon as possible if you see one of these system messages.


Receive Postal Rate Updates
Canada Post changes postage rates regularly. If new rates are available, you must connect to the Data Center to update your system to reflect these changes. TIP: With mailstation2™ and DM100i™ meters, use a SmartLink device and receive automatic rate updates when available. Be sure to register your equipment at your online account or sign up for email alerts at our Rates and Updates Assistance Center to ensure you receive communication about pending Canada Post (or FedEx or other carrier) updates.


Download Envelope Ads
Envelope Ads allow you to imprint a message, slogan or logo on any piece of mail. Ready-made and custom ads and inscriptions can be purchased from Pitney Bowes and downloaded to your meter. If you ordered envelope ads or postal inscriptions, you will be notified when they are ready to download.



Perform Postal Inspections
Canada Post requires a postal inspection of your machine every 90 days. This requirement can be met through your connection to the PB Data Center to check your postage account balance or to add postage to your meter.

warning icon If the interval between inspections is more than 60 days, the meter display prompts "Inspection Due". If the interval between inspections is more than 90 days, the display prompts "Inspection Required". At this point, you will not be able to use your mailing system until your system is inspected.

In either case, the postal inspection can be performed in a few steps:

  • Follow the prompts on the screen once you see the message, Inspection Due; or,
  • Through the Pitney Bowes Data Center, press Add Postage and select Check PBP Balance  (Note: checking the balance will not decrease or change the funds in your account)

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