Access Additional Global Shipping Carriers Through Our Shipping Software

In addition to Canada Post, UPS, Purolator, and FedEx, other shipping carriers like GLS, ICS and more can be leveraged through PitneyShip® Pro.

Additional shipping carriers to choose from


Founded in 1968, GLS has grown from a single-car courier to a North American shipping powerhouse, handling over 80,000 daily shipments. Acquiring Dicom in 2018 expanded their reach, catering to diverse industries with tailored parcel, freight, and logistics services. From regional to cross-border, GLS adapts to B2B and B2C needs, making them a trusted and comprehensive shipping partner across North America.

Canada icon

Shipping within Canada

  • Regional Parcel: 95% of intra-provincial deliveries completed in 24 hours or less. 28 terminals covering 100% of Ontario and Québec. Transport of 75,000+ parcels each day.
  • LTL: More than 25 terminals in Québec and Ontario focused on next-day deliveries. 100% coverage across Canada through integrated, seamless, carrier partnerships in all provinces.
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Shipping to USA

  • U.S. LTL services available within select regions.


Canpar is one of the prominent shipping companies in Canada widely recognized for its expansive network comprising 62 delivery hubs spread across the country. Their specialization lies in offering reliable and efficient domestic ground shipping services, as well as expedited options from major cities like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver to destinations in the US.

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Shipping within Canada

  • Express: Urgent shipments you require delivered next day, guaranteed
  • Select : SelectLetter, SelectPak, SelectParcel
  • Ground: trackable service for economical deliveries across Canada.
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Shipping to USA

  • Select USA: For your rush USA shipping needs, Canpar Express also offers expedited service from Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver to anywhere in the continental U.S. This service is guaranteed to be delivered on time.
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  • Canpar Express delivers to more than 215 countries worldwide. It’s easy to use, reliable and cost effective.

ICS Courier

Established in 1978, ICS Courier has risen as a leading B2B and B2C shipping provider in Canada. Their network offers state-of-the-art tracking and diverse delivery options to create catered small business shipping services. With over 1,000 dedicated employees, we ensure secure shipments. The ICS Advantage includes meticulous manual handling to prevent damage, fixed routes for efficient planning, and drivers who understand your needs. As part of TFI International, a transportation leader, we enjoy scale benefits and synergies.

Canada icon

Shipping within Canada

  • ICS Courier Next Day™ When it absolutely must arrive the very next business day, trust our Next Day service to get it there on time.
  • ICS Courier Ground™ A cost-effective alternative to Next Day service, with the same reliability and peace of mind.
  • ICS Courier Everyday Economics Solutions available to improve your customer's on-line shopping experience
USA and International icon

USA & International

Delivering to the world from Canada.

What's included:

  • Service to over 220 countries
  • Business and residential delivery
  • Additional insurance available
  • Full tracking capabilities

Loomis Express

Loomis Express stands out as a Canadian shipping partner, providing a diverse range of Domestic and Export services that cater to a wide spectrum of shipping needs. Their extensive reach spans both the local and global spheres, making it possible for them to deliver packages to addresses across Canada and over 220 countries worldwide. This comprehensive coverage showcases their commitment to ensuring packages reach their intended destinations, be it close to home or in far-off corners of the world. It's this dedication to reaching every corner of the map that truly sets Loomis Express apart.

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Shipping within Canada

  • Loomis Express ™ 9:00 AM, 12:00 AM, and 18:00: Reliable and affordable service with next day delivery for urgent shipments
  • Loomis Ground™: Dependable and economical door to door delivery within 1 to 6 business days
USA icon

Shipping to USA

  • Loomis Express 10:30 AM: Guaranteed delivery by 10:30AM next business day for urgent shipments
  • Loomis Express Economy: Delivery within 1 to 6 business days
International icon


  • Loomis Express 9:00AM: Time-critical shipments requiring early morning delivery in major cities in Europe
  • Loomis Express 12:00AM: Reliable and affordable next day delivery and guaranteed delivery by 12:00AM next business day
  • Loomis Worldwide Express: Dependable and economical door to door delivery with a delivery within 2-7 business days

DHL Express

DHL is an American-founded German logistics company providing courier, package delivery and express mail service, delivering over 1.8 billion parcels per year. For fast dependable service, ship your heavier freight internationally with DHL Express. Whether you’re importing or exporting, let DHL Express do all the heavy lifting. We’ll take care of everything, from initial pickup to final delivery. Fast, door-to-door, courier delivered. Time definite delivery to 220+ countries.

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  • Worldwide Coverage: DHL delivers to 120,000 destinations in over 220 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Export and Import: Daily direct flights into and out of Canada connect your imports and exports to every corner of the globe.

Shop rates and compare shipping services across multiple carriers with PitneyShip® Pro

Why Pitney Bowes?

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Cost Reduction

Find the right delivery service across carriers. Identify inefficiencies and optimize resource utilization to reduce operational costs.
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Improved Efficiency

Streamline processes, reduce errors, and save time with our portfolio of shipping solutions, resulting in increased productivity.
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Enhanced Visibility

Gain greater visibility into operations with near real-time data and analytics, enabling better decision-making and faster response times.
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Security and Reliability

Our cloud technology, with a robust data security architecture, easily adapts as your sending needs evolve and brings a new level of consistency, control and oversight to every user across multiple locations by reducing the level of IT support.


How does GLS ensure efficient deliveries within North America?

GLS, with its extensive growth and acquisition of Dicom, has positioned itself as a reliable and comprehensive shipping partner. Their focus spans from regional operations to cross-border services. With Dicom's integration, GLS leverages one of Canada's most extensive regional parcel networks, providing prompt transit speeds, flexible pickup times, and early morning deliveries. This operational synergy, combined with their diverse service offerings, solidifies GLS as a trusted choice for efficient shipping solutions in North America.

Does Canpar do overnight to the US?

If you're seeking a shipping solution for regular packages to the US, Canpar's "Canpar Overnight" service stands out, providing swift deliveries within 1-6 business days. Canpar is a go-to choose for individuals and businesses seeking versatile shipping options within Canada and beyond.

Does ICS have any sustainability initiatives?

Sustainability is central to their mission, as they are introducing electric vehicles, optimizing routes, and exploring alternative fuels. All their shipping materials are recyclable. By choosing ICS, you embrace responsible shipping and contribute to a greener future.

Is Saturday delivery available with Loomis Express?

Yes, they offer domestic Saturday delivery and pickup service to and from select cities and postal codes in Canada. An additional charge of $23.00 per shipment will apply.

What is LTL freight shipping?

Less than truckload freight shipping (LTL) is used for the transportation of small freight or when freight doesn't require the use of an entire trailer. This shipping method can be used when freight weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds. When shipping LTL, the shipper pays for the portion of a standard truck trailer their freight occupies, while other shippers and their shipments fill the unoccupied space.

Does Canpar require a signature for delivery?

No, no signature is needed.

Is pick up/drop off available with ICS?

Yes. To find a location near you, please visit ICS location finder.

Can I send fragile shipments with Loomis?

To ensure your fragile shipments are handled with care, clearly indicate "FRAGILE" on the waybill or Bill of Lading. No claim against fragile shipments will be entertained unless the description on the waybill or Bill of Lading clearly indicates fragile. This service is subject to an additional fee of 50% of the standard shipping rate.

No matter your business size, we have a multicarrier shipping solution for you:
For home, office and small business sending: PitneyShip® Pro single user, single location
For home, office and small business sending
Designed to save you time and money by simplifying all your shipping and mailing from packages to large envelopes and letters. It’s the quick and easy way to ship from your office, home or on-the-go.
PitneyShip® Pro - Single
SendPro Mailstation
For multi-users/multi-locations organizations
Access to all major carriers and discounted rates, PitneyShip® Pro shipping and mailing solution gives you visibility and control of your sending activity across all locations, departments and workforces.
PitneyShip® Pro - Enterprise
For Fulfilment Shipping
For Fulfilment Shipping
For large organizations needing customized workflows, integrations, business rules, visibility and control of all shipping and mailing operations.
SendPro® Enterprise

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