Access Canada Post Shipping Services Easily with Pitney Bowes

Canada Post is the national shipping carrier of Canada. With PitneyShip® Pro software, enjoy free package pickup, comparison of Canada Post with other shipping carriers, delivery tracking, and freedom from surcharges.

Explore the benefits of Canada Post Shipping

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Print Canada Post labels

Seamlessly print Canada Post shipping labels from PitneyShip® Pro, including creating return labels and generating pre-filled customs documents at discounted rates.
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Canada Post Discounts

With Canada Post, save up to 34% on domestic shipping services within Canada, up to 43% on U.S. services and up to 58% on international shipments.*
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Canada Post Pickups

Enjoy the convenience of scheduling one-time pickups or setting up recurring pickups directly within your Pitney Bowes software for hassle-free shipping.
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Carbon Neutral Shipping

By shipping with Canada Post every domestic ground shipment is carbon-neutral, helping to reduce your environmental impact. Canada Post's carbon-neutral shipping enables retailers to provide environmentally friendly shipping options to meet the growing demands of today's eco-conscious consumers while lessening your environmental footprint. 
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Streamlined International Shipping

Utilize the expertise of Pitney Bowes to streamline international shipping processes when using Canada Post. Access solutions that simplify customs clearance, documentation, and compliance requirements, ensuring smooth cross-border shipments.
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Efficient Package Tracking

Enjoy the convenience of efficient package tracking when using Canada Post shipping through Pitney Bowes. Stay informed about the status of your shipments in transit, receive real-time updates, and get notified when packages are delivered, ensuring a seamless and transparent shipping experience.
*Maximum savings based on annual Canada Post Shipping spend.

How Pitney Bowes helps you ship smarter

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Compare shipping rates
See how Canada Post shipping rates stack up against different carriers with the cost comparison tool from Pitney Bowes.
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Select shipping services
Compare Canada Post performance to other carriers for service factors such as package time-in-transit and visibility to shipments.
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Coverage Included
With PitneyShip® Pro software, automatically get coverage up to $100 in shipping insurance on most shipping services. 
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Paper Reduction
Embrace eco-friendly practices by using PitneyShip® Pro. It allows you to store order processing and commercial invoice data electronically, reducing the need for paper documentation and minimizing the risk of errors.

Canada Post Shipping Services

PitneyShip® Pro Discount:

Domestic: Up to 34% domestic shipping services

US & International: Up to 43% on U.S. services and 58% on international shipments.


Regular Parcel™

  • 2-9 business days within the same province, 3-13 business days to other provinces.
  • Affordable ground shipping with delivery confirmation.


  • 1-2 business days within the same province, 2-3 business days to other provinces.
  • Expedited service with on-time delivery guarantee.

Expedited Parcel™

  • 1-7 business days within the same province, 2-10 business days to other provinces.
  • Fast and reliable service with delivery confirmation.


  • Next day or 2 days, depending on the destination.
  • Fastest service and guaranteed delivery.


  • 2-9 business days within Canada.
  • Economical option for sending letters, postcards, and small documents.

Oversize Lettermail™

  • 2-9 business days within Canada.
  • Economical option for sending larger letters and documents.

US & International

Xpresspost™ USA

  • 2-3 business days
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Liability coverage (up to $100)

Expedited Parcel™ USA

  • 4-7 business days
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Liability coverage (up to $100)

Tracked Packet™ USA

  • 4-7 business days
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Liability coverage (up to $100)

Small Packet™ USA

  • 5-8 business days

Xpresspost™ International

  • 4-7 days
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Liability coverage (up to $100)

International Parcel™

  • 12+ days
  • 2-3 weeks by surface
  • Liability coverage (up to $100)

Tracked Packet™ International

  • 6-10 days
  • Tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Liability coverage (up to $100)

Small Packet™ International

  • 6-10 days
  • 4-12 weeks by surface

Unpack savings up to 34% when shipping with Canada Post. Don't miss out on these discounts.


What is the relationship between Pitney Bowes and Canada Post?

Pitney Bowes partners with Canada Post to provide shipping and mailing solutions. This collaboration allows businesses to access Canada Post's extensive delivery network and services through Pitney Bowes' platform, enabling streamlined shipping processes, efficient tracking, and a range of tailored solutions for businesses.

When does Canada Post deliver?

Canada Post offers regular delivery service from Monday to Friday. The delivery times may vary depending on the specific service level chosen and the destination of the package. Additionally, Canada Post provides various shipping options that include expedited and priority services for faster deliveries when needed.

How to I access discounted Canada Post Shipping Rates?

By signing up for PitneyShip® Pro shipping software, Pitney Bowes customers gain immediate access to Canada Post discounts, allowing them to save up to 34% off shipping rates.

How does Canada Post ship packages?

Canada Post ships packages through a variety of service options, including Expedited Parcel™, Xpresspost™, Priority™, and Regular Parcel™ services. Customers can choose the appropriate service based on their shipping needs, destination, and desired delivery speed. Canada Post provides packaging guidelines, shipping labels, and tracking features to ensure packages are properly prepared, labeled, and tracked throughout the shipping process.

What does Canada Post charge for shipping?

Canada Post's shipping rates vary based on factors such as the weight, dimensions, destination, and chosen service level for the package. To determine the exact shipping cost, customers can use Canada Post's online rate calculator on their official website. This tool provides real-time pricing information based on the package details and delivery preferences, helping customers make informed decisions about shipping costs.

Who is Canada Post?

Canada Post is the primary postal and package courier in Canada, established in 1867. With an extensive network of 6,000 post office locations, it offers a wide array of domestic and international shipping services, catering to both individual and business needs. Their comprehensive range of options, including regular, priority, and express services, along with their vast global reach, makes Canada Post a trusted choice for delivering mail and packages to various destinations around the world.

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