Learn more about Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tool (EST), and how you can easily charge shipments using your PitneyWorks account.

UPDATED:  29 January 2016

Canada Post™ now allows Pitney Bowes clients to use their PitneyWorks® account to pay for parcel shipments without having to print out a meter strip. With Canda Post's Electronic Shipping Tool (EST), you can charge your shipments directly to your PitneyWorks account.

  • Continue to leverage the support and benefits of paying through your PitneyWorks account
  • Eliminate the need to print and apply meter strips on parcels
  • Track and reconcile your mailing and shipping activity with shipping labels
  • Receive transaction level information for parcels on your PitneyWorks statement.

Simply supply your Pitney Bowes Account number to enable the Supplier Account payment option. Then, select the Supplier Account payment option when creating your shipping label through Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tool (EST).

To set up your Supplier Account as your default payment method, go to Canada Post. This is recommended if you are already comfortable using EST.

To set up your Canada Post online profile and EST payment methods, simply follow these instructions.

To learn more about this new EST feature, view the full Canada Post communications.

For additional details about this program, reference our frequently asked questions.

If you have any additional questions about setting up your PitneyWorks account as your shipping payment method, you can use the chat feature on this page. If no one is available for chat, simply create a case and a representative will get back to you shortly.