Order and pay for consumables, postage and parcels the easy way with fast, efficient solutions from PitneyWorks.

PitneyWorks® eliminates the need to pay in advance for postage meter refills, which makes ordering and paying for postage, parcels and consumables fast, easy and convenient. With PitneyWorks® solutions for consumables, you can download postage now and pay for it later.

With PitneyWorks® consumables, you can refill your meter whenever you want for the postage you need. Flexible payment options and the option to prepay or receive a monthly statement makes managing your business' postage and consumables hassle free.

Benefits of PitneyWorks® consumables solutions include:

  • Ease and Convenience. No need to prepay for postage or parcels. Easy postage meter refill process.
  • Peace of Mind. Never run out of postage. Flexible payment options.
  • Bill Consolidation: Bill all your postage to your PitneyWorks® account. One monthly statement to track your postage and consumables expenses.
  • Pay By Mail / Courier Use the return envelopes provided with your statement and send your payment and stub back in the mail to process your payment.

Payment options for our PitneyWorks® consumables solutions:

By Mail:
PO Box 280
Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z7
Phone: 1-800-MR-BOWES (1-800-672-6937)
By Telephone/Online Banking
Use your PitneyWorks® account number and set up online payment for fast, convenient, 24 hour access.

Chartered Banks and Trust Companies
For convenience, pay through local banks and trust companies. Simply present your PitneyWorks® statement to the teller with your payment.

Please note that when you pay at the bank or through telephone/online banking it may take 3 to 5 business days for payment to reach us. Please allow enough time for processing to ensure you meet your PitneyWorks® statement due date.

When you sign up for telephone/online banking service you will be asked to enter your 16 digit PitneyWorks® account number. Some chartered banks and trust companies may not support these features. Contact your chartered bank or trust company for telephone/online banking instructions.

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