5 ways SendPro™ facilitates shipping with Canada Post.

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5 ways SendPro facilitates shipping with Canada Post.

Compliance and simplicity lead the list.

With Canada Post’s plan to discontinue meter as a method of payment for shipping parcels, companies need to shift to an electronic shipping and payment option. Canada Post’s own solution is called Electronic Shipping Tool (EST). A second option available to shippers is SendPro™, Pitney Bowes’ online shipping software, developed in consultation with and approved by Canada Post.

All shippers, using meter impressions as a method of payment via Canada Post are encouraged to use a Supplier Account developed under the terms of an agreement between Canada Post and Pitney Bowes. When Pitney Bowes meter customers switch to SendPro, they will benefit from the same services of EST, in addition to receiving the integrated SendPro package and Pitney Bowes support and service. The easy-to-use online software solution is not only Canada Post-compliant, it provides a faster, more professional way to ship parcels. Here’s how:

01.  Meet Canada Post’s new requirements.
Compliance, of course, is the critical “must” in the transition. As of  March 2017, Canada Post will no longer allow postage meters to be used when sending parcels. You must use an approved online shipping and payment solution. This change is designed to provide faster and more accurate deliveries and improve Canada Post’s service. Pitney Bowes is not leaving its customers struggling to meet these requirements, but is working closely with all of you well before the deadline.

02.  Use SendPro to manage your office shipping from beginning to delivery.
In a nutshell, SendPro simplifies the entire parcel-shipping process. The integrated online shipping and payment solution includes the subscription, scale and label printer, simplifying weighing and preparation of labels. SendPro generates a Canada Post standard bar-coded shipping label that automatically links to your payment account and to Canada Post, improving the management of payment for parcel shipping. The solution also provides instant access to the delivery status of anything you send.

03.  Reap the discounts Canada Post offers.
Because the SendPro solution is directly connected to Canada Post, you can save on domestic and international shipping. SendPro users have immediate access to Canada Post’s Solutions for Small Business™ discounts. This means that the more you spend on parcels, the greater your savings. And rewards automatically adjust upwards if you’ve earned discounts in the past quarter. Plus, there is no contract commitment.

04.  Gain greater control of your sending routines and related costs.
Have you ever become frustrated by lack of control of your shipping process? SendPro lets you take control again, improving visibility into your sending habits and needs. The solution not only enables one or multiple users to process Canada Post packages from their desktop PCs, a single portal eliminates the need to use multiple web platforms to send expedited envelopes or parcels. Secure, interconnected log-ins consolidate individual sender activity for reporting and improved expense management. You can import address files to ensure faster and easier processing. And, at the end of the day, you can track shipments and send email notifications (with tracking information) to internal staff or customers.

05.  Leverage Pitney Bowes support, service and partnership with Canada Post.

Pitney Bowes has worked with Canada Post to implement the new parcel guidelines. That factor, combined with Pitney Bowes’ extensive history in the shipping business, gives us an insider’s view of what’s happening with the new guidelines, and what needs to happen to make your company compliant and the transition seamless.

The key to this move is to enable you to process packages quickly and accurately, while meeting the new guidelines for a barcoded shipping label and an approved method of paying for the postage. By consolidating your parcel shipping onto the SendPro platform, you can view transaction-level data for sent parcels, track and reconcile your mailing and shipping spending activity on one account.

While change is often threatening, the fact that Pitney Bowes worked with Canada Post to develop the new requirements indicates that the transition is in experienced hands.

SendPro. All-in-one. And done. 

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