Many firms are rethinking how they mail.

Here are the top features to look for in a new sending solution

Every business is dealing with change. Some firms are growing and adding new offices. Others have seen big shifts in what and how they mail. Still more are figuring out how to support an increasing number of remote workers. Or it may simply be time to upgrade to a more efficient solution that simplifies both mailing and shipping. Whatever the reason, if you are looking to acquire a new sending solution, there are a lot of factors to consider before you make your decision.

What volume of mail will you be sending? If you regularly mail a lot of bills, statements, letters or cheques, you’ll probably want a postage meter that can process a hundred or more envelopes per minute. Automatic feed and smooth, jam-free operation will also help you get your mailings out the door faster.

What kinds of mail does your business send? Some meters can easily handle thick or oversized envelopes, postcards and flats. And if you don’t have a lot of extra space, you’ll definitely want a model with a compact footprint. It also doesn’t hurt to have a clean, modern design that blends well in the office environment.

Today’s sending solutions have evolved quite a bit, and many now have innovative digital capabilities that can make your business more efficient. For example, some businesses send a lot of mail on behalf of their clients. A smart, digitally connected meter can automatically allocate postage costs to a specific client, to simplify accounting and billing.

As you narrow down your selection, you may be interested to know the opinions of your peers. Pitney Bowes recently asked businesses which features were most appealing when choosing a new postage meter. Here’s a list of the five most desirable features. Not surprisingly, most have to do with improving efficiency, accuracy and convenience.

    1. Large colour touchscreen

    Ease of use is very important. There’s no extra time to train staff, and nobody wants to thumb through a user manual for answers. A large, bright colour touchscreen with clear, step-by-step instructions quickly guides employees through the mailing or shipping process. 

    2. Online postage refills

    Unlike older, manually operated systems, today’s postage meters are smart and digitally connected. With instant online refills, users never have to worry about running out of postage in the middle of a mailing. 

    3. Postal discounts

    Canada Post treats metered mail differently, so you automatically save at least three cents on every letter you mail. Most sending solutions also provide access to pre-negotiated shipping rates, so you can also save on every parcel you send. 

    4. Integrated scale

    The ability to quickly determine the precise weight of every letter, flat, or parcel eliminates guesswork and prevents overpaying “just to be sure.” 

    5. Automatic rate updates

    When postal rates change, automatic updates ensure that you are always applying the correct postage. With many of today’s advanced solutions, there’s no need to keep track of when postal rates change or take time out of your busy schedule to input the new rates.

Which features are most appealing to you? If you named any of these, you may want to consider a modern, efficient sending solution from Pitney Bowes. You’ll enjoy the efficiency and accuracy of metered mail, postage savings, trackable shipping at discounted rates, online postage refills and much more. Position your company for greater efficiency and profitability. To find the sending solution that best fits your needs, contact a Pitney Bowes representative today.